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Atta-Dal 'token' video goes viral, creates row – The Tribune India


Tarn Taran, August 4

A video went viral in which an associate of a depot holder is seen distributing tokens to beneficiaries of the Atta-Dal scheme by climbing on a mobile tower at Dhotian village here. The beneficiaries were seen vying for tokens (paper slips) from his hands.

The incident hinted at irregularities in the wheat distribution system under the state government scheme

A beneficiary claimed that they got wheat after three to four months. If someone misses the token, they would have to wait for more than three months for wheat.

Villagers said persons from well-off families were also present. Sarpanch Ajmer Singh said, “It was mismanagement by some locals, who were asked to arrange the beneficiaries in a queue. Someone recorded the video and uploaded it to defame the village.”


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