Attend This Webinar & Learn About the Most Exciting New AV Market: Esports Tech – Commercial Integrator

If we told you that Esports as a market has overtaken traditional, athletic sports, would you believe us? You’d be a fool not to, because according to these statistics, worldwide viewership of esports events last year far surpassed the viewership of both the World Series and the Super Bowl combined! So why aren’t integrators crafting plans to dominate in this growing field?

Probably because many integration companies aren’t even aware of what the word “esports” means. And if they do, they may not know what it takes to break into that market from an installation standpoint.

But that’s precisely what our webinar, “Everything You Need to Know to Get Started in the esports Tech Market,” aims to answer.

“esports as a burgeoning AV market isn’t something a traditional AV firm might think of. This year we saw a 16 year old win $3 million in esports. It’s growing faster and faster every year,” says one of the panelists on that webinar, Almo‘s Morgan Alley.

“In the webinar, we’re really going to be trying to breach the subject in a way that makes it easy and gives integrator the ability to know those key phrases which spark customer interest

Attendees of the November 19th webinar will also gain insight as to what type of integrators will do well in this space and what kinds of experience they need to continue earning esports tech gigs.

“The integrators that are going to ride this wave the best are the ones who have good connections in the education market,” Alley says. Watch the video above to learn more.

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