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Audi-backed German startup Holoride has teamed up with Ford and Universal Pictures to showcase the world’s first “in-car virtual reality experience.” The Munich-based startup has integrated holoride technology and the latest 2020 Ford Explorer vehicles to plunge riders into the mysterious world of the Bride of Frankenstein.

For the uninitiated, Holoride is a company turning vehicles into moving theme parks by adding XR with vehicle movement and navigation data. It was founded by Daniel Profendiner, Marcus Kühne, Nils Wollny.

Started on October 14, the general public who visit Universal Pictures in California will have the opportunity to travel through an immersive experience until November 9.

Nils from holoride said: 

We are partnering with Ford and Universal to bring holoride’s immersive Elastic Content to the general public, riders will be able to experience first-hand what the future of in-vehicle entertainment looks like through the lens of the compelling story of the Bride of Frankenstein.

How does it work?

In this experience, riders will step inside a 2020 Ford Explorer from the designated pickup location at Universal CityWalk during the ride’s hours of operation.

Once inside the vehicles, riders buckle their seatbelts, put on their VR headset, and are joined by a re-imagined, virtual Bride on a journey to deliver a message to Frankenstein.

On the way, riders will confront virtual monsters and obstacles in a fully immersive, virtual reality experience with sound effects and visuals that adapt to the movement of the car.

The content for this experience was created by Universal Monsters in collaboration with an immersive specialist, REWIND.

Leveraging the power of 3D!

According to the company, this holoride experience was the first to be built, implementing altitude data, leveraging the power of the third dimension. It is also the first proof-of-concept of holoride’s software development kit working correctly with the Unreal game engine.

Greg Reed, Vice President, Universal Pictures Technology Partnerships, said: 

This partnership with holoride and Ford highlights NBCUniversal’s ongoing commitment to collaborate with the most innovative technology companies and consumer brands to create unique and forward-thinking immersive experiences for our audiences.

You can get on this 10-minute ride in the Bride of Frankenstein-themed Explorer by reserving a spot online, or by waiting at the designated pickup location at Universal CityWalk. If you are interested, the rides are available between 12 pm and 8 pm on October 14 to 16, Oct 21 to 23, Oct 28 to 30, and every day between November 4 and 9.

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