Austin seems great for tech jobs—there’s just one problem – CNBC

Jobs in the tech sector often offer lucrative salaries, especially for executive positions. But just how much you can make depends a lot on where you work.

A new study from job comparison site Comparably titled “What the C-Suite Earns: A Look at Executive Pay in Tech,” analyzed salary data for nearly 7,000 top tech executives across the U.S. and finds that the highest paid positions are in San Francisco and Seattle. “The lowest-paid execs overall were in Austin, Texas,” Comparably reports.

In San Francisco, tech CEOs earn an average annual salary of $240,000, according to Comparably. In Austin, that number is $159,000. The gap is even wider for tech COOs: They earn around $267,000 per year in Silicon Valley but only $130,000 in Austin.

Here’s a sampling of the average executive compensation by location for several tech hubs across the country. (These numbers include only base salary and bonuses, not equity or stock options.)


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