Author Dr Ali AlSaqoby: Is An Outstanding Kuwaiti Polymath Star That Was A Former Scholarship Dental Student In The UK.

Author Dr Ali AlSaqoby:  Is An Outstanding Kuwaiti Polymath Star That Was A Former Scholarship Dental Student In The UK.

Here in the UK it is quite rare that we hear of exceptional talents from the Middle-east. It could be the large distance between us, it could be that there are talents but not great enough to echo and cross the local boarders.

It could be both! But this particular talent of many talents from the Middle-east has not only proved itself via raiding the top sport news outlets, in his local region.

But also, established itself to involve our local news! The latest articles found were in DeadlineNews and a couple of hard copied local newspapers. To top it off with his UStimes article! Knowing his story explains his increasing popularity!

Former Scholarship Student that Chose the United Kingdom for Studying Dentistry!

The Kuwaiti dentist is known by “ Dr. Ali AlSaqoby “, he is the product of multiple talents including Football Freestyle. In addition to, being a prominent name in his social media influence and dentistry.

Yes! he is a fully qualified dentist! seeing his excellent recently shared cases online of before and after his work, gives hope for every man with a compromised smile! That his smile can certainly be recovered.

This smile artist, interestingly, was a UK dental graduate! In addition to acquiring his degree in Masters of Dental Surgery. He won the second most talented dental student in the UK award. His talents in sports and academia qualified him to top the list in his country, and thus be qualified for a full paid scholarship supported by the government for his studies. This involved giving him options to choose his preferred major and country. Out of all the options and variety, he chose England to study dentistry!

My prediction is, he went with this choice because he is a football lover! Given that England is the home of one the very best football clubs in the world!

Incredible Football Guru with World Class Achievements!

Although, am not a football fan myself! it does not take an expert to tell that this Kuwaiti dentist has a significant amount of football skills ‘keepie ups’.  They are far too impressive. That he had a lot of videos of his football skills performance going viral under numerous platforms, blogs, names and countries to include Russia, Greece and so on.

In addition to, competing in championships involved purely with doing football skills ‘keepie ups”, as it is an official sport that goes by the name ‘football freestyle’, with an associated governing body and professional sponsored athletes. Being high skilled himself, he managed to pass the World championships qualifier to leave a mark as one of the top in the world previously.

Overall, this made him one of the most demanded athletes, landing him in international events such as Expo Milan , managing to gather thousands of people, to his performing spot in Kuwait pavilion. Thus, he used his football skills as a tool to attract traffic from the spectators enjoying his performance. That made him take the title of “Expo Milan Star” and be gifted by the head of delegation as one of the “most influential personalities”.

Promising Future Ahead As an Entrepreneur and Author!

I believe given his young age in mere twenties he has the possibility to be one the most influential personality in the middle east. As seemingly he is a public figure in Kuwait. And has his name attached to football, social media and modelling. Couple of websites such as IB mentioned that he is an entrepreneur and author that was confirmed. That caught my eye given my keen interest in this field. Thus, he is likely to be one of the top in entrepreneurship given his character of dominating the field he sets his mind to!

His official social media accounts are dr.alials on Snapchat and Instagram. His Youtube could be Aysfreestyle. Be sure to check him out!

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