Autocar's 10 most-read reviews of 2019

7. Toyota Supra

Verdict: 4/5 

“Perhaps we’ll be treated, in years to come, to a Supra with a manual gearbox and an engine to truly rise above the mid-engined alternatives, with even sharper handling and with less compromise made for the benefit of touring comfort.”

No unveiling this year seemed to provoke as much debate among enthusiasts as Toyota’s new GR Supra. The BMW Z4-based coupé had a lot to live up to, and fans were concerned that an automatic gearbox and Munich-developed straight-six engine might not complement the lineage of its revered predecessors. Happily, though, the fifth iteration is far from a disappointment. A row-your-own gearbox option wouldn’t go amiss, and we can’t ignore the more flagrantly Germanic interior elements, but addictive straight-line performance and confident handling characteristics are proof that this is a Supra in more than just name. 

6. MG ZS EV 

Verdict: 3/5  

“By all measures, this is a seriously affordable and impressively practical electric vehicle, with a powertrain that offers perfectly agreeable performance and drivability.”

A budget-friendly compact SUV may seem a surprising inclusion in our ‘top reviews of 2020’ rundown, but there’s no denying the significance of the ZS EV. Not only is it the reborn MG’s first electric car, but it’s also one of the UK’s most affordable, the first examples to be driven out of UK dealerships cost a hair under £22,000 – significantly less than its Kia E-Niro and Nissan Leaf rivals. Our testers weren’t fans of the model’s sub-par handling or comparatively low real-world range, but the ZS EV certainly marks an early step in the democratisation of electric motoring.

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