B12 deficiency diet: The divisive condiment that is FULL of vitamin B12

The divisive condiment that is FULL of vitamin B12

If you’re looking for something simple to add to your diet to reverse your vitamin B12 deficiency, Dr Lee has suggested trying Marmite.

In the UK people fall into one of two camps – we either love marmite or we hate it.

Recent research from the 2017 Marmite Gene Project identified 15 genes that may be responsible for this love/hate relationship with marmite.

If you like the taste of the controversial product, you’re in luck!

Marmite is packed with B vitamins and suitable for vegans and vegetables, which is useful if you’re deficient in vitamin B12.

Marmite is a great source of five essential B vitamins, Dr Lee pointed out.

She said: “B vitamins are vital for cell metabolism, producing red blood cells, eyesight, brain function, digestion and heart function.

“Marmite is a good source of B12 for vegans and vegetarians”

All you need to do is have one serving of marmite a day, which is around one teaspoonful or 5g.

Dr Lee recommends spreading Marmite on a slice of toast in the morning – this contains eight calories, is cholesterol-free, fat-free, and sugar-free!


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