Balancing Indulgence and Self-care: Quarantine Edition

What have most of us been doing since the past few months ever since a virus is on the loose? Self-quarantined and nowhere to go, it is easier for us to just indulge ourselves in activities which might kick us off the productivity rack once and for all.

The result? Your sleep schedule is messed up, your meal timings are jumbled up, you are having uncontrollable mood swings and you definitely feel lethargic all the time. The key to all these problems is to find a balance between self-indulgence and self-care.

Here are a few proven methods to achieve that:-

1. Detox Thrice a Week

Some people might count smoking weed as a part of their skin care routine and that is completely alright. However, smoking weed on a daily basis in large doses can be detrimental to your mental stability and physical balance. Start by limiting the smoking sessions to 2 times a week and do a detox cleanse three times a week to maintain the balance.

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You can prepare a detox drink for your skin and sip on it throughout the day three times a week to flush out the toxins. This drink is made of a half squeezed lemon, one teaspoon of honey, some organic mint leaves, 3 slices of ginger and your favourite green tea. Mix all these ingredients and steep for 5 to 10 minutes before drinking. You can make it into an ice cooler or drink it like tea.

Drink and watch yourself grow.

2. Balance Out Your Diet

As the saying goes, ‘ A balanced diet is the key to a healthy gut’ and gut health determines what your skin looks like. You digest junk, your skin will show junk in the form of acne and pimples. However, if you eat clean, your skin will immediately show results. Include fresh fruits and vegetables, adequate proteins, carbs and healthy fats to your diet for maximum benefits. In addition to this workout 3 to 4 times a week and take your supplements regularly.

It is okay to have 2 cheat days in a week when you can indulge in your favourite junk and dishes. But, be mindful to get back on track as soon as possible.

3. Healthy Shower and Skincare Routine

Since you will be at home all the time now and away from the ..pollution and sun damage, it is the ideal time for you to establish skincare and a shower care routine that suits you. Look up Youtube videos and read up articles on how you can take care or skin the natural way based on your specific skin type.

A good hair care routine is a must. Stay away from parabens and sulphates and incorporate more natural ingredients in your routines. Check out some articles on hair care to have in-depth knowledge about the process to follow.

4. Mindfulness and Journaling

This is the time for you to self- reflect and find your purpose in life. Read self-help literature books and practice mindfulness. This begins by waking up with the sun and finding your quiet space of solitude anywhere around your environment. Taking deep breaths and meditating for five to ten minutes can make a lot of difference in your mood and concentration levels. Journaling everyday helps you converse and reason with yourself, leading to tentative solutions to your problems. Self-reflection is a must.

By following these simple tricks and tips, you can have an epic glow up this quarantine season.

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