“It’s 100-percent different than any other Starbucks,” Alex Shtefan, a Ukrainian living in Bali told CNBC. He said he’s been visiting regularly since it opened and likes to work from his phone inside the cafe. “This is my first time I spent any time in a Starbucks,” he added.

But, it won’t be a frequent spot for everyone.

“I don’t frequent Starbucks that much, but this place is nice,” David Yan, an Indonesian from Jakarta said during his first visit. He said he was a regular coffee drinker, but wouldn’t come back again as “It’s quite expensive.”

The cost of a grande Cold Brew at Starbucks Reserve Dewata was listed for the equivalent of $3.83, compared to a nearby Starbucks where it was priced at $3.68.

WATCH: We went inside the world’s largest Starbucks, in Shanghai.


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