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Bangladesh cities witness anti-China protests over treatment of Muslims

Different Islamic parties, civil society groups and NGOs on Wednesday held protests across Bangladesh to observe Uyghur Doppa Day today in solidarity with the Uyghur community.

On May 5, every year Uyghur Community around the world observe and celebrate Doppa Day. Doppa is a traditional hat worn by the Uyghurs to celebrate and protect their cultural heritage.

“On this occasion, we wish to convey to all our Uyghur brothers and sisters that your Muslim brothers and sisters in Bangladesh stand besides you and call on the Chinese Communist Party to stop Uyghur Genocide and free Uyghurs from Prison camps. As you all are aware, China’s action against Uyghurs in Xinjiang have violated all provisions of the UN Genocide Convention,” according to a statement issued by the protestors

Around two million Uyghurs and other minorities are believed to have been placed under detention Centres where they are subjected to indoctrination, sexual abuse and even forced sterilization. China, on the other hand says that the Centres are necessary to prevent Religious Extremism and Terrorism.

Uyghur detainees in the camps are deprived of basic human needs, suffer inhuman treatment and punishment and imprisonment without food. A drop in Uyghur birth rate has also been seen as Chinese program of sterilisation, abortion and birth control has been forced upon women without their will.

“We urge the Muslim countries around the world to stand united against China’s Genocide in Xinjiang region,” the protestors said.

The Chinese indifference towards religion was recently witnessed in Bangladesh too. In a Chinese Thermal power plant in Banskhali, Chittagong , more than six people were killed and many got injured. It is known that the workers of the company were demanding wages, relaxation in working hours during Ramadan and a one hour break on Friday for saying prayers which was denied by the management.

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As many as 81 prominent citizens in a letter dated April 30, to Chinese Ambassador to Bangladesh have condemned the killing of innocent workers and called for actions against the Chinese management responsible for such actions.

“We too would call the Chinese Ambassador Li Jiming to take immediate action against the Chinese officials responsible for the deaths and injuries and ask them to abandon the Coal project. Failing which, we will give a call for a long march towards the Chinese Embassy and gherao their Embassy in Baridhara as well as boycott all Chinese goods in Bangladesh,” the protestors on Wednesday stated.


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