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Barclays issues warning on ‘very believable’ scam: Sign it's fraud may hide in plain sight

Numbers should never be called if not recognised, nor should links be opened or attachments opened if not expected. 

A Barclays spokesperson confirmed to the number was not associated with the bank.

They added: “Scammers will often make calls and text messages look like they’re coming from a well-known company or organisation, such as a bank or the police.

“We encourage customers to be cautious of any unexpected text messages, calls and emails they receive and to be extra cautious if they are asked to call a number or open a link. Customers should never reveal personal information, their PIN, PINsentry codes, mobile activation codes, QR codes, one-time passcodes or Online Banking passcodes.

“Anyone that isn’t sure the call is from us should immediately end the call and telephone us back using the number on the back of their debit card or the ‘Direct call’ option in the Barclays app.”


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