BB HEALTHCARE: Aims to pay a healthy dividend by investing in medical firms around the world

What is it?

It invests in companies around the world which are somehow related to healthcare. 

It can have a maximum of 35 holdings, and aims to pay a dividend of 3.5 per cent of the value of its assets.

What does it invest in?

One of its best-known top-ten holdings is Bristol-Myers Squibb, the pharmaceutical company. 

However, the largest holding is US firm Teladoc, which offers an online GP service, followed by biotech firm Illumina. It also has large stakes in US health insurance provider Anthem.

What do the experts like?

Adam Kelly, an analyst at JP Morgan Cazenove, says BB is different from its peers ‘due to its concentrated, high conviction portfolio and simple, shareholder-friendly structure’. 

He believes the trust’s manager, Bellevue Asset Management, has picked a strong selection of stocks to focus on.

Any downsides?

Regulation changes to medicines in the US or elsewhere could have a knock-on effect – as could blips at one of the companies.


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