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Beaches closed in Cape Cod as 30 great white sharks spotted in two days. Read details here

At least 30 sharks have been found lurking off the US coast. According to reports, 14 sharks were seen on August 2, while 16 more were spotted on August 3. Chatham Harbor spotted four great whites on Wednesday.

A hammerhead shark was spotted swimming off the shore of Nantucket.

On an average, hammerheads weigh about 1,000 pounds and find prey using their heads. You will generally see hammerheads in warm water. While great white sharks are responsible for 354 unprovoked attacks, the hammerhead is responsible for just 16. Buoys spotted six sharks at least eight times.

Researchers have revealed that people had spotted 14 great whites over a six-hour period off Cape Cod on August 2. According to reports, a pilot detected a great white just 50 yards away from the shoreline. Martha’s Vineyard’s South Beach was closed for two hours as a great white was just 5-10 yards away from the shore.

Meadow Beach had also been shut down for an hour due to a shark being spotted on the coast. Coastal Carolina University‘s Dan Abel said such sightings aren’t unheard of. He noted that sharks go where they mate and where there’s food, which might be an area we are unaware of. He also pointed out that the sharks might go where their babies are, and there are many such reasons we are not aware of.

Bryan Olivares was at Daytona Beach with his family on July 25 when he was mauled by a shark while jumping in the waves. He suffered a sliced tendon and a punctured artery following the accident. Another person, Fischer Hricko, who was with his family in the Florida Keys when he was lobstering and got attacked. A nurse shark attacked Hricko, and the surprising part is that these sharks aren’t known to carry out such attacks.

Nurse sharks are usually the ones that swim away as soon as they spot divers.

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