Behold! A 4,000 horsepower luxury yacht from Lamborghini

Not a bad way to travel, eh? (Lamborghini)

It’s a fact of life that there’s always someone out there with a better boat than you.

And then there’s the Tecnomar, a one-of-a-kind luxury yacht created by Automobili Lamborghini and The Italian Sea Group.

This limited-edition wave rider is powered by twin V12 engines pumping out 2,000 horsepower apiece. It can reach a top speed of 60 knots – enough to get you to your second home in Monaco in about the time it takes to mix a really good Martini.

The 63-foot craft is modelled on the Lamborghini Sian, the company’s first production-bound hybrid. Like the car, it’s constructed from carbon fibre and the steering wheel and gauges in the cockpit are designed to look like those inside a Lambo supercar. Even the starter button is identical.

‘This yacht represents the significance of creating a valuable partnership, at its best: our co-operation allows the essence of both organizations’ style and expertise to be transferred to different worlds, sharing in their diversity to interpret and add value to the final product in a new environment,’ said Stefano Domenicali, Chairman and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini.

It’s like a Lambo, but on water (Lamborghini)
Twin V12 engines mean this is pretty nippy (Lamborghini)
The steering wheel and gauges are the same as on the famous hypercars (Lamborghini)
If you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it (Lamborghini)
We don’t know if it comes in a colour other than blue (Lamborghini)

‘If I had to imagine a Lamborghini on water, this would be my vision. I’m delighted to celebrate this successful collaboration.’

Only 63 of these are scheduled to be made and Lamborghini hasn’t revealed what the asking price will be. We hate to break it to you, but it probably won’t be cheap.


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