Beijing wants Washington to stop economic, hi-tech talks with Taipei – South China Morning Post

“Taiwan wants to exchange its expertise in semiconductors for opportunities to cooperate with the US in the areas of 5G, AI and automobile electronics,” said Arisa Liu, senior semiconductor research fellow at the Taiwan Institute of Economic Research.

Wang also said that Taipei asked Washington for government subsidies to support Taiwanese companies in the US, according to a report from Central News Agency, the island’s official media.

In addition to “countering economic coercion”, the talks also focused on supply chain resiliency, “promoting the digital economy, strengthening 5G network security, and advancing collaboration in a variety of science and technology fields”, said the US State Department in a statement.

Meanwhile, cooperation between Beijing and Taipei is expected to depend on mutual trust between the two sides, according to semiconductor research fellow Liu. She indicated that the mainland Chinese market has huge potential, which no Taiwanese hi-tech company – especially in the semiconductor sector – would ignore.

Still, mainland China has largely focused on mature chip technologies that are not subject to US trade sanctions.

“There is no realistic prospect of China being able to match the capabilities of the global leading-edge semiconductor manufacturers in the next few years,” said Tilly Zhang, a researcher at Gavekal, in an industry note this week.


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