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Benefits of DK Goel Accountancy Class 12

Benefits of DK Goel Accountancy Class 12

As it is, accountancy is seen as a subject with two core sections, theories, and accounts. The former should be presented precisely in the exam without any extras and unwanted additional details and the latter, accounts, and must be presented in a clutter-free manner with a neat and legible presentation. DK Goel’s material makes it pretty simple and neat for any student to comprehend the complex topics in the accountancy subject.

Class 12 board exam is one of the life-changing moments and the result of the same would always be any student’s deciding factor in his/her life. The material given by DK Goel will ensure that you are getting the best mark in the accountancy subject as the way it covers the crucial topics as partnerships, financial statements, and company accounts section. Let us take a deep dive into how DK Goel Solutions for Class 12 Accountancy is relevant and also crucial to the class 12 accountancy exam. 

How is DK Goel’s Material Relevant?

The class 12 account syllabus is segregated into two different parts, Volume 1 and Volume 2. The DK Goel’s study materials are broken down into two editions extending up to 11 chapters in total. Filled with easily comprehensible theory and the solutions to complex accounting problems with a neat representation of the solutions, DK Goel’s material presents the students with the priceless opportunity to learn from the academic wizards on the topic of accountancy. What is seen as accountancy is often a unique mixture of the commercial activities of a firm that is also based on arts and science in intricate ways. This calls for a clear and systematic way of understanding the complex business-related problems that would arise in the accounts arena. DK Goel makes it simple to bisect any complex accounting problem and to methodically arrive at a solution for the same and also paves way for the student to present the same in the exam neatly. 

As stated earlier, the three main concepts that would present the opportunity for any student to score more than 70 marks, with all the three concepts put together are the Partnerships which would account for 40 marks as a whole, the financial statements, mainly the problems relating to the cash flow statements, which would amount to 20 marks and ultimately the company accounts which mainly is concerned about the shares and debentures, which would amount to 20 marks, are neatly laid out in simple terms for better understanding of the student. 

Benefits that a Student Gets by Using DK Goel’s Material?

Understanding of the Fundamentals

For any commerce student, it is crucial to understand the fundamentals of the subject, if not, it is relatively impossible for him to attend any sum that involves accounts as it could easily be compared with a Maths problem. You get the answers wrong, you are not going to get any marks for your attempt at solving the problem. Without getting the core concepts right, you are going nowhere with solving the problems. You need a very strong foundation, a good understanding of the fundamental concepts for you to build on, so those complex problems could be handled with ease. 

Experts’ Hand

The materials of DK Goel’s is a fine work of academic experts and this gives the students, a golden opportunity to tap into the talents of the same, by way of gaining a good understanding of the concepts by utilizing the effort put in by the experts to make the complex problems and theories relatively simpler for the student to understand. 

Gain Confidence

The material allows for any student to get through with the subject. To get down the nitty-gritty of the concepts and go to the nook and corner of the syllabus and make sure that anything and everything has been reached, understood, and practiced. This in turn will reflect in the exam hall by way of exuding absolute certainty and confidence in taking the complex problems and theory questions head-on with cent percent conviction to solve them in the most efficient time duration. 

Score More

Accountancy is one of those subjects where there is provision to score a centum. This possibility is made available by DK Goel’s material, wherein any student should put the time in, initially, and slowly get the concepts down into comprehension. Take it slow and try to understand the concepts first, as mugging them up will not do you any favor. Since accountancy is not akin to any language papers, where a centum is mostly out of question, one has to focus on getting the concepts right together with neat presentation and legibility. Even though the above-mentioned is out of the scope of any study material, DK Goel’s material makes sure you have what is needed to present to get the entire marks for that section that you are going to attend. 

More Mocks

The way the DK Goel’s material is designed is in such a way that any student who has put in the time and effort to comprehend the fundamental concepts can immediately move on to solving tons of problems and get almost all the formats in which the questions would be asked in the examination in that particular topic. This is an incredible opportunity for the student to score a full 100%. The endless supply of problems in the book allows the student to have a good grasp of the multitude of angles that would be used in the exam to question the student on the same topic and this boosts one’s morale and enables the student to wield the full power of preparation during the exams in an almost effortless manner. 


As always, the study material, even the finest one like the DK Goel’s can only help a student so much. The power is in the hands of the student who relentlessly attacks the exam with good preparation, hope, and good health. All the very best.

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