Benefits of Email Archiving

Benefits of Email Archiving

Mail archiving is just as important as backups. Email is the main source of communication for companies and individuals. Through it you send a lot of confidential information that needs to be protected. That is why it is vitally important that you have a solution for making backup copies, but also for archiving mail.

What are the benefits of having an archiving solution if you have all the emails available in your mailbox? This is one of the questions that most companies that consider implementing this type of solution ask.

First of all, saying that having an email box does not mean that it automatically archives your emails. Many email solutions offer a robust communication and collaboration solution, but not email archiving. This is not to say that they do not offer any archiving options, but it is probably not complete. This is why it is important, mainly for businesses, to have a separate mail archiving solution.

Most companies underestimate the value of this email archiving, but it can be at a premium. In the blog below will highlight common benefits of email archiving. Check them out.

1. Helps us Comply with the Law

This is perhaps one of the most important reasons for purchasing an email archiving solution. State and European regulations are getting stricter with email compliance. That is why having an archiving solution that is constantly updated will allow us to be up to date with the regulations.

2. Protect Emails

Users may accidentally delete emails, which can lead to significant losses for the business.

Having an email archiving solution allows you to secure such data as emails can be stored completely and permanently without the need to use retention policies.

3. Quick Access to Information

Mail archiving allows a greater number of file types to be indexed centrally. This will save you from having to carry out a difficult and slow search to find the information we need.

No more spending 10 minutes to locate an email. With a mail archiving solution you will find what you are looking for with a single click. Which will help you reduce search time and be more productive.

4. Avoid Redundant and Duplicate Data

Making multiple copies of the same document that has been sent to different users, as well as the different versions, make the space necessary to store these copies greater.

With a single copy of the document and centralizing all the records in a single place, the email archiving allows you to avoid duplications and will help reduce the size of your mailboxes by deleting those folders that are not necessary since the email does not disappear when it is saved in the File.

5. Reduce Costs and Expenses in IT

Overloaded servers, increased mailbox sizes, larger backups, this only increases the pressure and budgets of the IT department.

Having a mail archiving will help you reduce these expenses and costs. Gathering all emails into a file allows you to save space on your computer and streamline all processes related to updates, backups, maintenance, etc.

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