Benefits of Integrating HRIS with Employee Recognition Platforms

Recognizing employees for their contributions is a major culture in modern workplaces. Recognition makes employees feel valued and creates engagement in the workplace. However, manually recognizing employees can be difficult sometimes.

If your organization uses HRIS, you can easily integrate an employee recognition platform with it. This integration can help in accurate employee recognition and many other benefits. In this article, we will discuss these integration benefits.

Benefits of Integrating HRIS with Employee Recognition Platforms

What is HRIS?

Human Resource Information System (HRIS) or Human Resource Management System (HRMS) is a system to manage several activities for businesses. These activities include accounting, management, human resources, payroll, etc.

HRIS is an intersection between HR and information technology. This system can store applicant tracking functions, employee demographics, onboarding, benefits, and compensation of an organization. It is a hub for up-to-date information for employee data, employee retention, and hiring trends.

Benefits of HRIS

HRIS can influence organizations positively by automating routine processes. It helps organizations to save time and cost and increase efficiency.

A well-designed HRIS grows with organizations and provides support to expand in newer markets. The benefit of this system goes beyond the HR department.

Increase Productivity

HRIS enables organizations to onboard employees faster for quickly delivering value. The automated procedures and self-service reduce time waste. As a result, employees can focus on their job properly.


To develop efficient strategies, all organizations depend upon data. The more sophisticated the data, the more fine-tuned the strategy.

HRIS system gathers insight from people data to measure and improve engagement and productivity. With this data, this system anticipates trends and employee behavior as well.


HRIS is more reliable in keeping records than manual measures. It is accurate and faster than manual book-keeping methods and processes data automatically.

With HRIS, organizations can properly track leave and absences, payroll, and benefits. Performance management, workforce experience management, talent acquisition and management, HR and people analytics get easier with the HRIS platform.

The system offers you comprehensive and verified processes to have controlled and accurate records. Therefore, you can easily and efficiently access those data to learn the overall condition of your organization.

Employee Recognition Platform

Employees are the most valuable asset for a company. Their contributions can make or break a company. Every company needs hardworking and engaged employees for the betterment of it.

It is the company’s job to keep the employees motivated and engaged. Recognizing employees for their performance is an excellent way to do that. Almost 80% of employers have some kind of recognition program in their organizations.

Manual employee recognition can possess several problems. It is often inconsistent, wrong, or not transparent enough. As a result, recognition programs don’t add as much value as they are supposed to.

An automated system can address these problems of manual recognition programs. Additionally, it can save time and money for the organization. Employee recognition platforms can give organizations a transparent, effective, and consistent way to recognize employees.

Employee recognition platforms gather the necessary information to acknowledge the exact expertise of an employee. Therefore, employees know what their strong suit is and keep up the good work.  This also allows employers to increase employee engagement and build a strong relationship with the employees.

Benefits of Integrating HRIS with Employee Recognition Platform

Employee recognition is an important job for the management department of an organization. Here, managers recognize their employees to encourage productivity and engagement.

The management needs to consider several pieces of data like KPI, innovation, adaptability, performance, etc., to recognize employees. Manually setting and analyzing these data is quite complex and time-consuming. Also, manual recognition has a significant margin of error.

If your organization is already using HRIS, you have access to this data. Integrating employee recognition platforms with HRIS can successfully use these data and make it easier to recognize employees. It will ensure transparency, consistency, and less error margin.

Additionally, HRIS can gather data from employee recognition software to improve company productivity. When employees are recognized as efficient, HRIS can show data on why they can achieve better results. Therefore, other employees can have a baseline and improve their performance from there.

Recognition platforms also allow HRIS to provide better insights. HRIS can show what can improve productivity and engagement and anticipate employee behavior. When integrated with a recognition platform, this system can analyze why productivity is not improving and how to improve it.

Overall, integrating HRIS with an employee recognition platform increases efficiency. It reduces the manual data calculation time, and both the system and platform perform better jobs. Moreover, providing pay raises, benefits, and compensation to employees becomes easier than ever.

In a nutshell, integrating HRIs with an employee recognition platform can help an organization in multiple ways.

Bottom Line

Both HRIS and employee recognition platforms have been great additions to modern workplaces. They made the management job easier and improved productivity and employee engagement.

Both of these can work simultaneously to provide the best results for an organization. Integrating them brings more efficiency, productivity, and insights. So, if you are using both HRIS and an employee recognition platform, integrate them for better results in your workplace.

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