Benefits of Private Plates

Benefits of Private Plates

1. Improves the Value of Your Automobile

Private plates aren’t making as much money now, compared to the past. However, there are lots of people who are still getting private plates as a form of investment, click here to find private plates for sale. When you buy private plate registration, you own it. Therefore, you can auction or sell it if you so desire once you have all the necessary paperwork. So, consider if you own a private plate such as “GOO GL3”, this is quite valuable and you could sell it for a lot of money. 

2. Prevents Thieves

Now, a customized private may not physically prevent thieves, however, since customized plates are so easy to recognize, they will think twice. Even if they think about being careful and sneaky when stealing your car, it would be a lot of stress compared to stealing a vehicle without a private plate. Basically, they would have a hard time hiding in a crowd which would make their job a lot harder. 

3. Hides the Vehicle’s Age

Thanks to the method used for registering vehicles, it is quite easy to figure out when a vehicle was registered due to the number plate. For example, if your have a number plate such as NE52 UBX, then many people would immediately know that your automobile was registered in 2001. Now, if you have a custom plate, then it would be impossible for anyone to figure out when your vehicle was registered and its age. 

Model Number

If the vehicle that you own is a special model or stands out, then you should consider using the model number for your private plate. This type of plate will certainly be appreciated by most automobile enthusiasts. 

So, to put this into perspective, if you own a Porsche, then getting a private plate with “911” only and without a date is a good example. This is the vehicle’s model number and you can use it with numerous styles, especially once you go dateless.

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