Benefits of RV Rentals

Benefits of RV Rentals

Some time ago, renting an RV posed a great challenge for holidaymakers and tourists. Clients had to limit searches within their areas and had to meet up with agencies to secure RVs for their individual needs. One had to deal with high rental charges and domineering salespeople who cared less about customers’ requirements.

Thanks to business expansion and the internet revolution, it is now easy to scan for limitless RV options within your residence and schedule your trip, all from the comfort of your home. Interestingly, many of these rental companies offer peer-to-peer rental platforms; this means that RV owners can rent their vehicles to other people.

Renting an RV – What Makes It Special?

If you are ready to join other RVers out there enjoying breathtaking camping trips and vacations in their RVs, then you may consider renting an RV – if you can’t purchase one. Besides, you have more flexibility renting than buying an RV, especially if you do not use it all the time. For one, many RV dealers do not allow potential customers to test-drive their vehicles before sales.

Several RV rental companies offer a wide range of RV options along with excellent customer support – you can read this guide to learn more. Opting for RV rentals allows you to drive these RVs before committing your money. Here are some of the benefits to consider:

1. Enjoy The Company of Others

What way to enjoy a weekend getaway or a long vacation away from the hustle and bustle of the city than to travel in a company – be it your spouse, family or friends. Besides, you achieve more at the campsite working together than alone. Having other people around provides comfort, security, and saves cost.

2. Have a Feel of RVing

RV renters don’t need to own an RV to experience its thrill and excitement. RVing solidifies your driving skills as these cars are unique. Renters can get an interesting camping experience – one different tent camping.

3. Save More Money

Do you know that you can save more cash RVing with your loved ones without compromising comfort? Yes! You do not need to travel from one state to another to enjoy a vacation, lodge in a hotel room, or worry about where to dine. RVs have all you need to make your adventure memorable.

Why purchase a $75,000 RV, when you can rent one without spending more than $1,000 for five nights? Moreover, the costs vary according to seasons, preferences, and rental companies. This rental option is cost-effective for short and long-term trips.

4. Discover and Enjoy New Camping Experience

RVing opens you up to new opportunities for your weekend trips and vacations. You have spent a huge part of your life working, far from the people you love and cherish (on some occasions). During this period, you may have missed out on so many fun-filled possibilities. It is high time you took a break and enjoy those precious little moments with your loved ones in the countryside and from the comfort of an RV.

When do you intend to embark on your next adventure? Where would you love to go? Who would you love to take along, and why? Build more RVing memories and document them for the future.

Types of an RV to Rent

As you can see, you can have various benefits of renting an RV. After all, it can be a pretty pricey investment to buy an RV, especially if you have never traveled in one before. So when it comes to renting an RV, your best option is to rent from a rental agency so that you can get a full experience without being overwhelmed by their huge price tag. 

That said, you should keep in mind that there are various types of RVs out there and this makes it hard to choose the right one to rent. Below are details of some types of RVs you can find on the market:  

Class A RV 

This motorhome has everything you can need for a camping trip. Class A RV has a bathroom, kitchen, bathroom, eating quarters, and sleeping quarters. Even better, they also feature AC, electricity, water, heat, and gas. This type of motorhome can allow two to seven people to sleep quite comfortably. 

Class B RV 

This type of motorhome is smaller than a class A RV, but it’s more economical. Also, it has better gas mileage than class A and class C RVs. It can allow two people to sleep comfortably or even more if you don’t worry about getting a bit uncomfortable. 

Though it’s smaller than the class A RV, many people also like it because it comes with a sink for the kitchen, a refrigerator, a stove, and a shower for the bathroom. 

Class C RV  

Most of the class C RVs are usually about 20 to 30 foot-long and are considered as another version of the bigger RVs. The good news is that they can sleep up to six people. Besides this, they also have fancy features and are easier to drive. This makes them more economical than class A and B RVs.

Travel Trailer 

As the name suggests, travel trailer RVs need a vehicle to tow the trailer behind. You can find travel trailers that need a heavy-duty truck for pulling while others just require a passenger car or a small SUV to pull them. 

No doubt, the large travel trailers have everything you need for camping, but they can be challenging to pull everywhere you have to drive. Therefore, you should tow this type of travel trailer to the campground and park it there while you drive a passenger car or SUV for day adventures. 

The Best Way to Choose an RV to Rent  

As explained earlier, there are different types of RVs, so you need to make sure that you rent the one that is best for your situation. Try this article to find out the best RV suitable for you to rent. So if you want a simple camping experience, perhaps a travel trailer can be your best option because it has a few basic features. 

On the other hand, if you desire to have a more luxurious experience, a class A RV is the way to go. You see, class A RV has almost everything you can find in a home.

The bottom line is that you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to the most suitable RV to rent. Hence, you should make sure that you determine the kind of camping experience you want to have before renting an RV.

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