Benefits of Sticker Advertising for your Business

Benefits of Sticker Advertising for your Business

The gigantic social media platforms indirectly have a great impact on people’s lives. An average of 2 hours a day is spent using social media among adults, and among young people it is a lot more. This takeover of social media does not mean that advertising via an offline route is no longer relevant. In this article you will be informed about the benefits of sticker advertising.

Blind to Online Advertising

Currently, the majority of all companies in the Netherlands are advertising via the Internet. This does not have to be only through Google. Also a Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook are forms of online advertising. Even the weekly newsletters in the mail is a form of online advertising.

Because so much of online advertising is done, consumers are becoming blind to the advertisements, so to speak. The Internet is overflowing with advertisements, and consumers are becoming blind to them. Therefore, the use of sticker advertising is a very good solution to still stand out with your campaign. Stickers can be used everywhere. On cars, buildings, public transport and so on. So stand out in the offline world with your fantastic self-made stickers.

Sticker printing (translation: stickers laten drukken) can be done by many different companies. Similarly, there are countless options when it comes to having stickers made. Think of sizes, colors, materials and shapes. For example, you can choose between round stickers (translation: ronde stickers drukken), arrow stickers or a free form. And the more stickers you have made the cheaper they will be.

Strengthen your Business Campaign

To come back to the online advertisements. Stickers are of course very cheap in relation to an online campaign. Therefore, using stickers is also ideal to strengthen your online campaign in the offline advertising area. Especially if your company has a focus on a particular area. As an example, your company has mainly customers in Amsterdam. Then your online campaign will focus on that and it is therefore reinforcing if you have the city filled with your stickers.

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Furthermore, sticker campaigns are not an aggressive form of advertising, so consumers will not be irritated by the sight of your advertising. Also, seeing an online advertisement over and over again often keeps customers from coming to your company.

If after reading this article you are interested in making stickers? Make sure you find the right company that can inform you about the possibilities.

Good luck!

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