Benefits of Virtual Product Launching You Shouldn’t Miss

Benefits of Virtual Product Launching You Shouldn't Miss

2020 has transformed life as we know it, especially face-to-face communication and physical gathering. Many traditionally physical events are now instead being held in a virtual environment. The current forecast is that visual events will become a permanent part of the events industry. At least for now, we can see a massive spike in the number of virtually-organized events.

The pandemic was followed by restrictions on traveling, public gatherings, and implementation of social distancing rules. 

These rules led to a total pause on physical events in many places, and a limit on the number of persons in physical gatherings.

Many organizations have no option but to cancel, postpone, or move their meetings and events online. 

From conferences to product launches, trade shows, and corporate meetings, all these events are now hosted on virtual platforms.

Savvy event planners and marketers are leveraging the best virtual technologies to continue growing their businesses. Brands are also catching on and handling launches and other events for lead and revenue generation.

During virtual event launches, brands can advertise their products to a global audience to gain attention, increase sales, and enjoy other associated perks. In fact, virtual events and brand launches have benefits that go beyond face-to-face launches. 

Let us look at some benefits associated with virtually-launched events to help you understand why you should employ EPLS virtual events services for your organization.

Advantages of Virtually-Organized Product Launches

1. More Reach and Visibility

As a fundamental advantage of using the internet, virtual product launches reach more people and result in better brand visibility. Brand managers can plan and use virtual events to introduce their latest products and services to a global and unique audience. 

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Virtual events don’t face the geographical and traditional constraints that other physical events suffer. Virtual product launches go beyond space, attract global demographics, and get exceptional brand visibility.

2. Improved Lead and Revenue Generation

Virtually organized event launches have wider viewership, attendance, and participation, which translates to increased generation of qualified leads, and to more revenue. You can expect more ROI from a virtual event than a physical product launch.

3. More Engagement Mechanisms

Research shows that virtual product launches are higher in engagement than traditional events by 70%. Organizations set up virtual product launches on a web-based platform that houses engagement features and tools such a live chat and polling.

Sometimes, people don’t have the opportunity to attend face-to-face events because entries are often limited. Some others who make it to the event might wait in long queues to talk to brand managers and ask questions. As a result, attendees may be discouraged and end up not engaging in crucial dialogue.

Virtual events streamline the process, reducing wait times dramatically and making it possible for event attendees to ask organizers questions quickly and hassle-free.

4. Fewer Expenses

With virtual product launches, you don’t need to rent a major event venue, pay staff, provide refreshments or pay for travel and accommodation. In some cases, it is even possible to host a successful event whilst only paying for your internet connection.

5. Flexible Participation 

With virtual events, attendees can participate in a product launch without having to leave their homes. At most, they only need to dress up and sit in front of their devices to attend the product or brand launch.

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Provided they have an internet connection and can access the correct virtual platform via which the event will hold, people can enjoy product launches and other related activities without moving an inch.

Think of the transportation fares, movement, formalities, and planning they can cut away – it is an absolute blessing to people who value their time, comfort, and productivity. 

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