Best 5 Platforms to Buy/Sell Cryptocurrency in 2020

Best 5 Platforms to Buy/Sell Cryptocurrency in 2020

Cryptocurrencies have significantly gained ground on various news platforms as digital payment systems that facilitate financial transactions globally at lower costs, without necessarily the need for a bank account. Miners capture transactions, rubber stamp them for validation and disperses them across the network. Miners monitor and confirm all transactions to quash the issue of double application of the same entity and spending.

Crypto exchanges platforms enable users to trade cryptocurrencies, for instance, Bitcoin, Etherium, and fiat currencies like the US dollar, and other world currencies.

Best Crypto Exchange Platforms 

1. CoinPulse

CoinPulse exchange platform portrays itself as a “global digital currency trading platform.” The Panama-based exchange combines both an instant exchange and a dual exchange to facilitate quick execution of buy/sell orders. Basically CoinPulse aims to become a key platform for trading cryptocurrencies and blockchain development.

The exchange features a robust cryptocurrency wallet, an interactive easy to use user interface, a quick referral program, considerate fees and top notch customer support. Furthermore, the platform is powered by  CPEX token is an ERC20 built on the Ethereum Network. Traders using CPEX token receive upto 70 percent discount in transaction fees. 

To protect client funds against theft, more than 90 percent of the assets are held in cold storage. In case its robust security measures fail, only 10 percent of client assets are likely to be stolen. Other security measures in place include a two factor authentication, KYC as well as a multiple signature wallets.

CoinPulse’s most fascinating feature is the innovatively integrated  Automatic or Trailing Stop Loss feature. This is a very potent feature that allows users to automatically adjust the parameters depending on the price movement. There are Market, Limit, Stop Loss, Stop Loss Limit and Trailing Stop Loss trading tools available on CoinPulse Exchange. CoinPulse Exchange is the world’s first cryptocurrency exchange platform founded on the principle of collective community input and support.

2. Coinbase

Coinbase has significantly gained popularity in the USA and internationally since it was developed in 2012. Coinbase growth is facilitated through the high number of users trading in the platform globally and support from reliable investors.

Coinbase enables users to trade Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin and alternatively exchange with other clients operating the company’s Global Digital Asset Exchange (GDAX) with merely a smartphone. Moreover, transaction fees are not levied for transferring money among GDAX and coinbase accounts, and the jurisdiction for GDAX is in Australia, Europe, USA, Singapore, Canada and the UK.

The exchange platform is configured in a way that enables entrants to quickly grasp the notion of Bitcoin and use of trendy payment modes, for instance, Mastercard and Visa are provided. Coinbase allows users to purchase bitcoin through credit card, but the option is limited to the amount of purchase.

Coinbase provides users with digital wallets to hold their funds and uses a short duration to execute the transactions despite the high number of users using the website.

3. Binance

Binance exchange platform is well advanced with a novel framework and dimensional UI that offer beginners a unique crypto experience.and gradually help them transition to experts.

Binance is internationally placed as a popular exchange platform that offers traders great choices for crypto to crypto exchanges with nominal transaction fees. Even though Binance is new in the market, its growth rate has exceeded expectations. Bitcoin, Altcoin, Tether and Etherium can be traded on the platform.

Traders are allowed favourable discounts taking into account that Binance is a centralized exchange. Additionally, the platform charges 0.1$ trading fee but offers cuts for transactions made through Binance coin.

Binance is proficient at matching over one million commands which portray it as a robust global corresponding engine. Moreover, it employs a clustering approach and multi-layer method along the exchange process to boost the security of the platform.

4. Bittrex

Bittrex is a prestige exchange platform that employs the latest technology and has preceded the high demand for cryptocurrency globally. Through advanced technology, Bittrex aims to improve the transaction of commodities and cut the duration for the entire transaction.

Bittrex, a Blockchain initiative, is configured to thwart money laundering and to promote global acceptance of cryptocurrency. Digital wallets are readily availed for prompt exchange and scalable engines functions to shorten the duration for the transaction.

Bittrex involves an advanced system for token order data entry. Bittrex makes powerful API, and algorithms exchange aids incorporation of arbiter exchange platforms. Integration of transversing sectional layers, and strengthening security measures paints Bittrex as a reputable exchange platform.

5. Poloniex

Poloniex, cryptocurrency exchange platform, has thrived mostly, expanded its customer base and quarterly transactions since its inaugural in 2014. The success is attributed to the high list of users exchanging large amounts of altcoin through its platform.

Poloniex applies an algorithm method to enable exchange and initiates examined policies to allow a competitive edge. Additionally, digital assets, for instance, Etherium, Bitcoin, Stable coins, and Altcoin, can be exchanged in the platform. 

Poloniex records much of the information offline and captures the actual figures needed for smooth exchange, and this helps compliment Poloniex goal of joining the financial revolution through fostering cryptocurrency.

Poloniex provides a safe exchange program, information assessment for their users to transact easily. Makers and takers are charged a levy of between 0 to 0.15 percent and 0.1 to 0.25 percent respectively for the exchanges. Notably, the system does not levy withdrawal charges upon transactions charges.

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