Best Freelance Platforms to Grow Your Business

Best Freelance Platforms to Grow Your Business

Becoming a freelancer is a step that many in the UK are interested in. In fact, stats show that there is a 31% annual increase to the number of those looking into freelancing. It is a leap of faith for many people, but the benefits of freelancing can be worth the risk for many. These benefits can include being your own boss, creating your own schedule and not having to commute every single day.

Unfortunately, building up your client list and growing your business as a freelancer can be challenging. Thankfully, there are a variety of freelance platforms out there that can help. With that in mind, let’s go over a few of the best freelance platforms to grow your business.


In order to grow your business, you need to get paid. Unfortunately, this is often easier said than done as a freelancer. However, using a platform like Amaiz can make it easier than ever to get paid and paid on time. With Amaiz, you can offer instant card payments, and track your transactions and invoices so you never miss a payment. Managing all of your receipts, invoices and payments can also be automated, to improve the efficiency of your operation.

In addition to helping you get paid quicker and easier, Amaiz also has several other benefits for freelancers. It helps your company send aside money to save and can give you an instant and clear view of both your income and expenses, to make sure you are operating at a profit. The 24/7 support, security, and incredibly easy setup make this platform a great one for all different kinds of freelancers.


A big part of growing your freelance business is being able to find and connect with clients. One of the best places to do this is Guru. They have thousands of companies and potential clients in a range of industries looking for freelancers to help with a wide array of projects. Whether you are a writer, a designer, a marketing specialist or programmer, Guru has you covered.

Signing up for an account is quick and easy, and searching for the thousands of available jobs is simple. When you have found one you find interesting, sending a quote is a streamlined process that won’t take you long at all. The payments are also secure, so you never need to worry about clients scamming you or ripping you off. 

Like other platforms in this space, Guru is also great if you want to hire other freelancers to help you grow your own freelance business. They offer flexible payment terms, very low fees, great support, security and are among the most credible platforms in the space.


Growing your business is about more than simply getting more clients. You also need to develop your brand and become an authority in the space. The more professional your business and brand, the better your reputation will often be. As a result, invest some time and money into creating a great logo and brand. A platform like Canva can be a big help here.

While logo design and branding might seem difficult, platforms like Canva can make creating easy. They provide you with all the tools and guidance you need to build your own logo, branding and even create marketing materials. The platform is also a great educational resource to learn about brading, marketing, design, photography and more. It is a great platform for any creative looking to expand their knowledge or business.

In conclusion, the aforementioned freelance platforms will surely help you grow your business quickly and easily.

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