Best Funding Routes to Grow Your Business

Best Funding Routes to Grow Your Business

When you are running a business, you need to ensure that you are keeping proper track of everything. 

But you can not stick to the same plan for the proper growth of your business. Apart from running a business, growing your business is another challenging job. You have to change or update a lot of things. 

We understand that when you are thinking about growing your business, collecting or gathering funds is the most challenging thing you need to face. Here you need to come up with various plans so that you would not wait for funding and keep your business in the same old space. 

Best Funding Routes to Grow Your Business

When you are looking for funding routes to grow your business, you might be clueless about where to opt for. 

As we are living in the age of Cryptocurrency, you can always invest a little money in the Crypto space with the help of reliable platforms like Bitcoin Motion. And also get a considerable return from that after some years. 

Then you can always invest the money in that. 

Apart from that you also have some other options as well. Here, in this article, we will talk about that. 

Option No. 1: Bootstrapping

Bootstrapping your business means you are funding your business on your own. You are using your own funds for your business. If you have enough capital to fund your business growth, we will always recommend you invest your own money in the business. 

Here you will not need to pay any interest to any bank or other financial institutions from where you might take a loan. At the same time, you also have to ensure that you are not investing everything you have. If your idea fails, you will lose everything. 

Option  No. 2: Bank Loans

Whenever we need money, probably the first thing that comes to our head is taking a bank loan. Banks are always ready to provide medium to long-term finances. You can take a loan for 3 years, 5 years, or even 10 years. 

You just need to pay the interest on a monthly basis, and within the tenure period, you need to pay off the loan completely. Here, the bank will check your business planning, your income, credit history and a lot more things before giving you the money. 

Option  No. 3: SBA-backed Loans (U.S.)

SBA, or the small business association of the United States, provide some different loan programs through member banks that are located across the country. All these programs are particularly designed for small businesses. 

They are also risky at the same time and obviously more accessible. Here, the SBA itself is not at all doing the lending, and you need to strike up a relationship with loan officers at your partnered local bank, nonprofit financial intermediary, or credit union for accessing the programs.  

Option  No. 4: Friends and Family Financing 

It is basically when you are getting funding for your social network or family. The money can be anything from in exchange for equity or in the form of a loan. It also can be tricky and emotional to take money from family and friends. 

It is important to give your family or friends the strategic growth plan of your business. This is why they can see that you are actually thinking about growing your business and ready to take the first step. 

Option  No. 5: Crowdfunding 

When you simply ask a crowd of people for donating a definite amount of money for a particular cause or project in exchange for different rewards, it is considered crowdfunding. Generally, there are 3 categories, and they come under the following things. 

  • Donation. 
  • Debt.
  • Equity.

Always remember that crowdfunding sites differ and also come with various requirements when it comes to raising and acquiring funding. That means you have to be sure that you are reviewing options carefully and reading the fine print prior to going on a single platform. 

Option No. 6: Angel Investors

These are individuals who offer capital for companies, especially startups. They generally offer capital in exchange for convertible debt. Here the intention is to turn that specific debt into equity, at least in the future. 

This also can be considered in exchange for ownership equity, that is, a residual claim specifically on ownership assets. In case you do not have any type of exit strategy for your business, we will recommend you not opt for angel investors. 


Whatever option you are choosing, always be very particular about your potential and requirements. When you are taking money from others, whether it is any investors, banks, or friends you always remember you need to pay them back and plan accordingly.

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