Best Hair Cutting Scissors for a Professional and Beginner

Best hair cutting scissors for a professional and beginner

Whether you are a professional hairstylist, a barber, or a beginner, you need to have the right hair cutting scissors. If you have the best scissors, you can perform most of the tasks, no matter the changes in hairstyles and demands of the current fashions. The ideal scissors should have the right handle and blade to provide comfort and cut the hair faster. To the untrained eye, all the scissors look the same, but they have significant differences. 

But professional hairdressers know that when it comes to hair cutting scissors, several factors count. Each component of professional hairdressing scissors makes a huge difference when it comes to effectiveness. Therefore, you should always do regular maintenance to keep them in great shape. In this article, you will see some of the ways on how to maintain hair cutting scissors.

The Materials Used in Making Hair Cutting Scissors

If you buy high-quality hair cutting scissors, you may use them for a long time with proper maintenance. But before you understand what you need to do to maintain them, you should know the materials they use to make them. In this way, you can prevent damages from happening to your precious investment.

Most scissors are made of alloys, which are a combination of at least two or more metals. This helps the scissors to be stronger, more resistant to corrosion and many more. It’s no secret that you should always be concerned about sharpness, longevity, and resistance against damage for your hair cutting scissors. However, to get these desirable properties, the scissors should have the right combination of alloy. Below are some of the metals used in manufacturing scissors:

  • Stainless steel alloy. This is one of the most popular alloys used in the manufacturing of hair cutting scissors. 440C and 420A are the two types usually used in scissors. 440C has a larger amount of carbon, making it a more favorite type used in the hairdressing industry. Even better, 440C stainless steel can be further hardened with some tampering.
  • Cobalt base alloy. This is another material that is also popular with haircutting scissors manufacturers. Cobalt is known for being corrosion and chemical resistance. However, because it can be chipped easily, most blades become non-adjustable, especially after prolonged sharpening.
  • Molybdenum alloy. This is one of the best materials to use in making scissors. Thanks to the flexibility of molybdenum, it can be hardened without becoming brittle. Therefore, scissors made of this alloy have fine and razor-sharp edges which are durable.
  • Cobalt molybdenum base alloy. For scissors to be non-fragile and non-brittle, manufacturers combine cobalt and molybdenum. This also helps the scissors to be rust and chemical resistant. 
  • Carbide steel and sintered steel. These expensive hair cutting scissors are made up of exotic materials. Sintered steel is very hard, but it can be difficult to sharpen and it’s brittle. On the other hand, carbide steel helps in edge retention. Because of these rare qualities, hair cutting scissors made from these materials are pretty expensive.
  • Titanium coating. Titanium coating is ideal for covering hair cutting scissors to add some color to the scissors. However, titanium doesn’t have any real benefits, such as edge retention as it’s not used on the edges. Rather, some manufacturers use it to disguise inexpensive scissors to look more expensive and attractive. 
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Signs Your Hairdressing Scissors require Sharpening 

Sharp hairdressing scissors are necessary for hairstylists and barbers. They can assist you to satisfy your customers, leading to a great reputation that might attract even more customers. But if you desire your scissors to work according to your expectations, you should take care of them. The trick is to know the signs that show your blades need sharpening. Therefore, here are some signs that you should look out for:

  • The scissors have stopped cutting right. If you have been haircutting for a while with the same scissors and suddenly they just don’t cut it right anymore, then something is wrong. First of all, wipe the dust and dirt off from the blades and pivots and add some oil. You should then adjust the tension. If you have done everything of these and they are still not working right, consider sharpening them. 
  • Hair is pushing away while straight cutting. This is a common sign that alerts you that the scissors require sharpening. Sharp scissors don’t push hair away while cutting. 
  • Pulling pulling or grabbing while slide cutting. This can be an unpleasant experience for someone who is having a haircut. It’s usually as a result of dull scissors or the scissors had incorrect sharpening to use for slide cutting. 
  • The scissors are dull after a few haircuts. This problem happens when there was poor sharpening the previous time you did it. After a proper sharpening, your scissors should last almost as long as it did the first time it had to be serviced. If the blades dulled faster after you first purchased it, it means the scissors are made from poor materials and sharpening would just be a waste of money. This is why you should choose carefully the suppliers on where to buy your scissors. On the other hand, if it lasted quite long when you first purchased it, which is normal when you buy scissors at but didn’t last long after sharpening it, perhaps it wasn’t sharpened properly. Scissors that can hold their edge when they are new will last just as long after being sharpened.
  • A feel of crunchy while cutting hair. Nick in the blades can cause this issue. Hence, you should sharpen your scissors using a nick immediately you notice this. However, if after servicing your scissors and the crunchy feeling is still there, it means the service wasn’t done properly.  
  • Getting strain in your wrists and fingers. This is another great sign that your blades are dull. It happens while cutting hair and the process becomes laborious. You should have the blades sharpened to prevent this problem. 

Tips for Proper Maintenance of Scissors

It’s best practice to clean and sanitize your hair cutting scissors regularly. This will keep the scissors in perfect shape, may last longer, and it’s good for hygienic reasons. Aside from this, it’s important to use and store the scissors properly. Below are what you should do to maintain your scissors: 

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Take Good Care when Handling Hair Cutting Scissors

Haircutting scissors should be handled gently while using them throughout the day. If you throw the scissors down the scissors on the counter or accidentally drop the scissors on the floor, you will likely damage the blades’ alignment. Worse still, the cutting edges of the blades might become dull. If this happens, you should take them for service or repair. 

Another important factor to think about is to avoid letting other people use your haircutting scissors. Haircutting scissors are an investment designed for a specific use. Therefore, don’t use the scissors for everyday applications, such as cutting wrapping papers. 

Cleaning Hair Cutting Scissors 

From the onset, you should do regular cleaning and sanitizing for your hair cutting scissors. The best thing is that most salons and barbershops have their standard cleaning requirements. They usually clean and sanitize the hair cutting scissors after using them on each client. In addition to this, you should wipe off the perspiration from your hands and hairpieces should be removed so that they shouldn’t interfere with the performance of the scissors.

You should also not allow sweat, water, and cleaning solutions to dry off on your scissors. If this happens, the scissors will look dirty and residues can build-up to dull the blades. The worst thing you can also expect is the surface of the scissors can deteriorate which can cause infections to spread.

It’s easy to clean the hair cutting scissors as you only require water and soap. You should carefully dry and rub the scissors with alcohol or any other hair cutting scissors sanitizing solutions.

Besides the regular cleaning and sanitizing that you have to do, you should oil the scissors daily. This will keep the scissors in great form and it can extend their operational life. Most hairstylists and barbers oil their scissors each day after using them. In this way, this oil will prevent the scissors from getting stiff, rusting, and helps them to be smooth, easy, and efficient when cutting hair. 

Stiff or rusty scissors can be hard to use, leading to discomfort in your hand. This might affect your performance which can cause unsatisfactory haircuts. It’s for this reason why you need to use hair shear oil to remove stuck hairpieces inside your scissors. These are hairpieces that might have been missed while doing regular cleaning and sanitizing. 

Hence, open your hair cutting scissors to 45 degrees and add a small drop of shear oil on the center joint that holds the two blades. Use a soft cloth to gently rub the shear oil. Avoid using too much shear oil as this can cause the hair cutting scissors to be too slippery, increasing the risks of being dropped. 

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Storage of Hair Cutting Scissors

Now that you have cleaned, dried, sanitized, and oiled your hair cutting scissors, you should find the best place to store them. A suitable place needs to be dry and safe so that their useful life is extended. Therefore, keep the scissors in a protective case that is soft and has an absorbent lining to keep away the shears from environmental moisture and other elements. 

The scissors should always be placed in their compartment when using the storage case, you should also not store your hair cutting scissors with other tools. This will prevent the scissors from knocking against the other tools, that can cause damages to the blades.

Sharpen the Scissors 

The blades should always be sharp and comfortable to handle. When it comes to handling your scissors, their tension needs to be adjusted correctly. You see, too tight or too loose tension can cause the scissors to be difficult to handle and their cutting effectiveness is significantly affected.

Too loose tension in your hair cutting scissors can cause damage to the blades and extra stress to your hands. On the other hand, too loose tension can produce a bad haircut because the blades might not cut the hair strands properly. Therefore, sharpen the dull blades by doing it yourself or get in touch with a professional scissor sharpener. If you use a professional sharpener, you are assured that your blades will have the correct sharpening that can offer satisfactory haircuts. 

Use Hair Cutting Scissors to Cut Hair

While many hairstylists and barbers are aware that their haircutting scissors are to be used for only haircutting, this is not the case with the rest of people. Friends, family members, or clients might see their functionality differently. Some people can be tempted to use these hairdressing scissors to cut a loose thread from their clothes or many others. However, what they don’t realize is that this can damage the scissors. 

Most people don’t see much difference between a loose thread and a strand of hair. But there is a huge difference because hair comes in various thicknesses and texture compared to a thread. Hair is made up of microscopic connected proteins which can easily be cut by haircutting scissors. If you use them on any other materials rather than hair, the blades can dull quickly. This can cause alignment problems for your blades.


If you’re a professional or a beginner and are shopping for the right hair cutting scissors, you will likely find many types of scissors. These scissors are made from different materials, which means they have a variety of qualities. This should help you make the right choice on the type of scissors that meets your expectations. 

But, their looks should not influence your buying decision. You should consider their functionality, performance, and maintenance. It’s crucial to have a service plan in place so that you can have long-lasting hair cutting scissors. Everyone wouldn’t want a haircut to get wrong. Therefore, buy the right hair cutting scissors and maintain them regularly.

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