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Best mutual fund portfolio for a new investor

I am looking forward to take my first step in investing in an SIP. I would categorize myself as a medium risk-taker. My goal is to make Rs 50 lakh or more in 20 to 30 years. Please suggest SIP portfolios (based on recent performance March or April 2019) and some general advice to avoid pitfalls and rookie mistakes. Also, I would like to know which category would suit me better – Large-cap, small cap or mid-cap or something else? And should I invest in debt or equity or something else? Please enlighten me about SIP as I am very new to this and only know a little bit about it.
–Vishnu Varthan

If you are a new investor without much knowledge about investing in mutual funds, you must consult a mutual fund advisor near you. New investors need a bit of hand-holding in the initial years of their investment life. Only a mutual fund advisor near you would be able to to offer you personalised advice, and reassurances when you need it.

We typically ask mutual fund investors to choose their mutual fund schemes based on their goals, investment horizon, and risk profile. Investors with moderate risk appetite are typically asked to invest mostly in multi cap schemes. Also, large cap or aggressive hybrid sschemes if they want to diversify their portfolio and reduce the overall risk.

Here are our recommended mutual fund schemes:

Best multi cap mutual fund schemes to invest in 2019
Best large cap mutual fund schemes to invest in 2019
Best aggressive hybrid schemes to invest in 2019

Here are our mutual fund SIP portfolios. Investors can choose a portfolio based on their risk profile and SIP amount.

Best mutual fund SIP portfolios to invest in 2019


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