Best supplements for weight loss: Three supplements to include in your weight loss plan

Fibre rich foods also tend to be low energy density, meaning that you can eat larger amounts, with fewer calories.

Hannah said: “Studies have found that increasing fibre intake can help aid weight-loss, independent of other factors. Easy ways to increase fibre intake through your diet include, having porridge with milled flaxseed for breakfast, eating 2 portions of fruit and 5 portions of veg a day, adding lentils, beans and pulses to salads, soups and dishes such as stews, casserole and shepherd’s pie, and switching to wholegrain varieties of bread, pasta and rice.

“Increasing fibre through supplementation may also be useful. Certain types of fibre have been shown to be particularly effective for weight-loss. For example, the fibre Konjac Glucommanan, from a plant local to Asian countries, has been shown to contribute to weight loss as part of an energy restricted diet (the required dose is 1g taken 3 times a day).

“When taken before a meal, glucomannan has been shown to reduce the hunger hormone grehlin, helping to reduce food intake.”


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