Best Ways to Make Your Gym Reopening A Success

Best Ways to Make Your Gym Reopening A Success

The COVID-19 crisis has taken a toll on the sector, especially in sports centers. All facilities have been forced to reinvent their business model in recent months. Now, with the start of the de-escalation and the return to a new normal, sports clubs are looking ahead and looking for the best way to get back into activity.

For this reason, many clubs have thought about contributing their grain of sand and offering you a series of measures and protocols that will help you make the return to training safe for everyone. Don’t miss the series of tips to make the reopening of your gym a success!

Measures to Take Before the Reopening of Your Gym

If you haven’t done it yet, get going because time is short. And it is that, before being able to open again to the public, it is necessary to make sure that any equipment, material and space in the gym complies with the regulations.

And not only this. It is also vital to plan any scenarios that the facility may face. A good example of this adaptation is explained by the magazine CMD Sport in its article, ” Aspects that should be put before the gym reopening deadlines.”

On the other hand, in relation to hygiene measures, we recommend that you follow the following steps.

  1. Hire specialized professionals or gym cleaning services to carry out the cleaning and disinfection of the facilities.
  2. Request a document that certifies that the cleaning and disinfection has been carried out in accordance with the established protocols and maintain this distinction in public view.
  3. If the center has a pool or spa, it will be necessary to perform hyperchlorination and a parametric adjustment of the water before opening.
  4. Buy the necessary material for the gym’s signage and the protection of users and staff . This includes posters and of course hygiene material such as hydroalcoholic gel dispensers, sprays with disinfectant, rolls of paper and PPE for the template.
  5. Adapt the risk prevention plan to the new situation after COVID-19.
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Measurements During and After Your Gym Reopens

The important thing here is to consolidate security zone by zone. That is, to have all aspects of prevention and hygiene controlled in the different areas of the gym. A good identification could be the following:

  • Entrance door and access to the club.
  • Club areas, such as activity rooms, cardio or strength rooms or water areas.
  • Common areas such as changing rooms.

Although in all of them you have to control gauges, maintain a safety distance of 2 meters and use any product for disinfection or hand washing if necessary, each area has different rules to comply with. Let’s see them!

The Activity and Training Areas

In the activity rooms and training areas, it will be necessary to reduce the capacity following the rules set by the authorities, depending on the available space in the gym.

There should also be a couple of total daily disinfections of all material and spaces and a total disinfection after each class. Visit News posts : To The Times

Action Protocols to Make Your Team’s Work Safe

Without a doubt, that the gym equipment feels comfortable and safe is also vital. Therefore, in addition to being in constant communication with them to be aware of the operations of each day and inform them of any changes, you must listen to their suggestions and offer them the necessary safety material to carry out their work safely. For this you will also have to:

  1. Provide the mandatory PPE established by the health authorities to each employee for their individual protection and that of users.
  2. In public service posts it will be necessary to install transparent methacrylate or similar protective screens.
  3. Indicate to the staff the obligation to take their belongings every day to leave the lockers and common areas free and clean.
  4. Personal training professionals should maintain a distance of 1.5 meters from the user.
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As a result of following these rules, we are convinced that the reopening of your gym will be a success.

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