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To the editor:

I am writing this letter to endorse Bob Bevilacqua for the position of Harrietstown town supervisor. I have known Bob in both professional and personal aspects for over 25 years.

I first met Bob when I was a high school student. I completed a work study program through Adirondack Educational Center (BOCES) at the former Stanley Chevrolet, Buick, Oldsmobile, Cadillac dealership in Saranac Lake. Bob really liked my work ethic and he hired me as an automotive technician following my graduation from high school. I worked for Bob for nearly four years, he was my direct supervisor and the service manager at Stanley Chevrolet. I went on to start my own franchise and sold tools through Bob at the dealership. Bob was always one of the most cheerful and outgoing people I ever had a chance to work with. I remember, “Coffee Time with Bob” that occurred nearly every day at the service desk. Saranac Lake community pillars, like the late Bub McGrain, would come over and talk for hours. People would gather and talk about community events, sports and the general happenings of the community.

I am a longtime reader of the Adirondack Daily Enterprise and must say, I was disappointed with the recent article by Aaron Cerbone. The article was very one-sided and painted Bob as a racist. From personal knowledge, I can hereby confirm that Bob is far from that. As the service manager, I witnessed him work with employees and customers of all backgrounds and races and never once did he treat any of them with anything but the utmost respect.

Bob is a local resident that grew up in this town, he is a father, grandfather and businessman. He has served the town as a coach, school board member, town councilman and town supervisor (which he only left to take care of his family). I feel that he has the town’s best interest in his heart. Being a business owner, I feel that he has the knowledge to do what is best for the town both administratively and financially. He will make decisions to assure that the town sustains growth to ensure families and businesses can be successful here.

Most importantly, he would be my choice for town supervisor because he will be here. Here in the community. He will be present in the town making decisions based on what he is seeing with his own eyes. He will not be basing decisions on what he hears from telephone and video conferences.

Thank you.

Tim Durkee

Saranac Lake

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