Big Dreams Began At Big Ben For Muhammad Al Andalusi

From Food Delivery Rider in London to Founder of Global Institute

At 18 years old, in 2012, Muhammad Al Andalusi fell in love with the Arabic language and the beauty of Islam. Finding no source of Arabic learning or programs in his hometown of Barcelona, he left for Egypt and completed his Arabic language studies. Qualified he set off to London but found himself without employment in the Arabic Language sector and found himself working as a food delivery rider in London.

London represents a time in this now-very-successful entrepreneur and empire-creator’s life. However, it was the beginning of a story that would end in a young man founding the Andalus Institute – an institute that went from a small annual revenue of a few thousand to now $30,000 per month and rising.

Andalusi said, “The inspiration for this startup came from the struggles I faced when I was 18 after I met the beauty of Islam which pushed me to start looking for an Arabic teacher/program in my hometown Barcelona, finding only programs that were so heavily focused on grammar which as a fluent speaker of four languages, at that time, was completely absurd to me.” While facing this struggles, he was set to face more when in London when there were no jobs for his newly acquired Arabic language qualifications.

When reflecting on his time in London, Andalusi said, “I struggled emotionally, causing me to break down in tears many times. I became physically overweight at that time because of 16-hours days sitting and working on the laptop while trying to grow different businesses and failing at it. Businesses in the affiliate marketing field, as well as Amazon FBA and social media marketing. I tried starting up side hustles like private label businesses and affiliate marketing but I kept failing and it didn’t make me happy to do anything other than related to my Arabic studies.”

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Between 2012 to 2018, Andalusi found himself facing professional battle after entrepreneurial battle. Reflecting on the year before he established the institute, he said, “In 2018, I had a debt of $9000+ that took me the whole year to pay off. I was living at my grandmother’s apartment while my wife and two kids were at her family’s house because I couldn’t afford rent for us all.

From London to the entire world, his hard days of trying to make a success of his passion are long gone with present times seeing Andalusi leading his online language learning institution. “I founded it in 2019 to help students study Arabic. From zero to fluency in Arabic, they can learn Arabic with an average study period time of 15 months. Within 6 months of launching the institute, we felt overwhelmed by the immense high demand which led us to cross the six-figure revenue mark and since then we’ve averaged $30,000 per month.”

Currently, the Andalusinstitute has more than 700 students from all over the globe including students from London. Even though this successful business owner manages to run such a big platform with that many students, he is confident in helping more and more students as the institute sees rapid growth in the near and far future. And with this, he continues to motivate interested individuals from London and other places around the world, to learn this beautiful language and explore all that their passion for the Arabic language can, and will, bring them if choosing to study it. Email him now directly on

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