“We believe BIO-key’s unique, cost effective blend of software and hardware biometric solutions represents a very attractive option for all jurisdictions seeking to enhance the security of their electoral process.”

BIO-key Tech to Help Secure Elections in Florida

BIO-key is going into politics: The company has announced that its biometric technology has been embraced by two County Election Boards in Florida to improve the security of their election processes.

The Election Boards are seeking to leverage biometric security to authenticate their staff members and volunteers. To that end, they’re opting for BIO-key’s EcoID fingerprint readers, supported by the company’s ID Director for Windows software.

It’s a move that could help to burnish trust in the election process amid contemporary concerns about foreign interference and allegations of voter fraud. While America does not yet seem ready to take the leap to biometric voter identification on a large scale, as some countries are starting to do, there appears to be little risk of controversy in introducing biometric security to the back end of the election process as a measure to secure the democratic infrastructure of elections.

Commenting on the deployments in a statement, BIO-key CEO Mike DePasquale said, “We are proud to protect the integrity of the election process for these counties.” DePasquale added that the deployments are at their essence similar to much larger deployments of biometric authentication security that BIO-key has delivered to government agencies and businesses.

October 10, 2018 – by Alex Perala



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