Biodiversity and life

Life on Earth prevails in numerous varieties at all the three levels of its organisation: ecosystems, living species and genotypes. We call such fascinating variety of life biodiversity. Evolution of biodiversity has constantly led to the unity and the integrity of life. Interdependence among species led to the organisation of communities, and communities designed ecosystems to prosper to their fullness. Inhabited by communities comprising numerous species of microorganisms, plants and animals, our ecosystems are unique examples of unity amid diversity, as well as unique examples of unique integrity of life. Life can blossom only amid biodiversity. Life can sustain in the mode of enhancement only amid biodiversity. The higher the level of biodiversity, the higher the functioning efficiency of an ecosystem. When biodiversity is at its peak, ecosystem reverberates with life.

Water cycle, gaseous cycles, nutrient cycles and life cycles are the functions of an ecosystem so vital for the integrity of an ecosystem. The higher the level of biodiversity in an ecosystem, the greater the intensity of matter and energy flows within it, and, therefore, higher the degree of integrity. When you are living amid biodiversity, benevolence of nature is showered upon you in the form of plentiful oxygen through photosynthesis, soothing climate and beauty prevailing all around. Nature’s biodiversity manifests in the form of sociocultural unity and integrity.


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