A recent tweet by @charliebilello has revealed that Bitcoin has narrowly beat oil to become one of the best-performing assets in the global market.

Bitcoin’s price surge in early April resulted in a dramatic turnaround in market sentiment, with investors generally expecting the market to slow down. Bitcoin has continued to climb in value, currently sitting above $5,300 representing a 32% increase in price over the last month.

Bitcoin’s continued increase coupled with the impressive performance of BNB over the past several days has resulted in around $70 billion added to the market since February. As CCN reports, Binance Coin has risen by 322% against the US dollar since January, making it the first cryptocurrency to break its all-time high since 2017.

In an interview with CCN, the Binance team said that it encourages projects not relying on smart contracts to migrate to the newly-launched Binance Chain in the near future. Projects such as Mithril have already done so, resulting in impressive price spikes.

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