Bitcoin dominance currently rests at 65.8%. The price of BTC is $10,188.00 after trading in the red zone for a while. Many attribute this bearish momentum to Donald Trump referring to the “volatility” of cryptocurrencies a few days ago.

In response to this, Justin Sun the head of TRON had extended an invite to the POTUS. This was with regards to the Warren Buffett lunch plan that is scheduled to occur near the end of this month.

The price of BTC dropped by 9.80% in the course of the past 24-hours. The trading volume recorded is $25.892 billion. The total market cap for Bitcoin is $181.532 billion. A week ago, the value had crossed the $200 billion mark, but then the sellers began their effective campaign.

Ethereum is ranked right after Bitcoin on coinmarketcap. The top altcoin is trading at $220.21 after the price fell by a whopping 17.79%. The trading volume recorded for Ether is $10.482 billion. The total market cap of ETH is $23.541 billion.

Some had speculated that Trump denouncing cryptocurrencies would usher in a bull market. However, after observing the market, it suffices to say that predictions are hard to nail. The price of Bitcoin had scaled below $9,999 which seemed to be good news for the newbies.

If anyone is looking to start racking up digital currencies, now is a perfect time.

On the other hand, Japan Content Token which has been somewhat of a roller-coaster during the past week has gone green. The price of JCT is $0.206634, after a boost of 36.51% was observed. The supply includes 293,150,782 JCT coins in play as of this moment.

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Even till now, there is not much information available on this mysterious altcoin, which had soared into the top 100 before too. The pump-and-dump scheme seems to be common, along with tokens such as XMax.

The Congressmen from the United States, along with lawmakers in China have been critical of Facebook’s new initiative Libra as well.



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