cryptocurrency CEO Roger Ver “We Will Be Launching A Cryptocurrency Exchange”


Roger Ver Says That They Will Be Launching A Cryptocurrency Exchange

Amid Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network upgrade, Roger Ver talked about his intention to start a virtual currency exchange. The CEO of was confident about the future of the company with its idea to launch a so awaited cryptocurrency exchange in the near future.

During a conversation with EAK TV, Ver stated that they will be launching an exchange. He said that most of the times, he says things that are important and nobody cares and on some occasions, he mentions something and everyone talks about that. This was the case of the exchange.

About it, he mentioned:

“Most of the time I say something important and nobody really cares. Other times I mention something in passing and the idea of the exchange was said exactly like that. Of course, we are going to launch an exchange, we are Bitcoin Cash. It would be highly surprising if we don’t launch an exchange.”

Roger Ver explained that in order to launch the exchange needs to get some pieces of the puzzle. At the same time, he talked about the cryptocurrency market crashing on November 14. He said that the price is one of the least interesting things about Bitcoin. Bitcoin is more than just the price, for him. There are several functionalities that should be embraced by the people rather than taking a look just at the price.

Ver said that the real benefit of Bitcoin should be related to commerce and other things such as transfers or store of value. As soon as virtual currencies get closer to a use case, more people will be taking a look at them in a better way.

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Bitcoin Cash and its community are currently divided between those supporting Bitcoin SV (Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre) and those supporting Bitcoin ABC (Roger Ver and Jihan Wu). At the moment there is no clear answer about which network is going to be the winner.


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