Bitcoin price crash news – Terra Luna crytocurrency collapses 98% overnight as fans ‘lose life savings’

Luna price prediction

Luna has dropped more than 97% this week, from a seven-day high of $87.80 to $2.55.

Nevertheless, Wallet Investor predicts that Luna will regain its losses and hit new highs before the end of the year. expects Luna’s price to average $182 next year, and $265 in 2024.

These price predictions are far from guaranteed though, so you should always do further research and proper analysis.

Luna’s founder is attempting to secure additional funding to help restore UST to $1, but that involves selling Luna at a 50% discount in the short term, Javier said.

“Over the long term, the success of that plan could help restore confidence in the market. Whether that plan succeeds is the big question mark.

“Until then, I wouldn’t be one of those looking to catch a falling knife by jumping into Luna,” Javier said.

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