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After several days of tight trading around $9500, Bitcoin has finally broken out through, passing $10,000 to see a price tag of $10,500. Looking at the chart from Coin360, the market is mixed with leading tokens like Bitcoin and Ethereum in the green and Ripple showing red.

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Bitcoin price right now

Last week Bitcoin took a slash in the price, dipping from $10,000 to see $9,400. The rest of the week, the token has struggled to recover, gaining incrementally and falling. Over the past two days, Bitcoin price has managed to break through to touch the $10,000 mark again. Over the past 24 hours, the cryptocurrency has risen by 5.89% to spike Bitcoin price to $10559.

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Bitcoin price

Ethereum price

As often happens, Bitcoin price has influenced the movements and trend of Ethereum. Over the past week, Ethereum has fallen from a trading value of $221 to $206. Through the seven days, Ethereum price has ranged between $205 and $213 with a battle uphill to reach over $220 again. In the past day, Ethereum has managed to gain 3.80% in daily trading and has broken through to see a $221.88 mark.

ethereum price


Bitcoin volumes consistent

While Bitcoin price might be showing volatility, albeit nothing major at the moment, the trading volume of the token has been stable. Looking at a visual chart from DataLight, it’s clear that Bitcoin has consistently been increasing over the past five years of trading.


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