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Bitsa Card recently rolled out support for Tron in Fiat currency directly at the merchant site. Bitsa is a prepaid European payment card that has integrated support for exchanging TRX holdings in return for fiat currencies for payments at the merchant terminal.

Bitsa, a Bitnovo subsidiary, a cryptocurrency exchange based in Spain, lets users trade cryptocurrencies across Europe and has also scaled services of cryptocurrency via a number of merchants across Spain. The company endeavors to take its operations in other European nations too. It even has a card customized for teenagers aged 14 to 17 years that lets parents govern their expenses and transfer money without any additional fees.

Justin Tron announced the news in a tweet,

The official website of Bitsa writes, that people

could join this economic and social change, for the moment the problem of the usability of cryptocurrencies and the need to rely on a system  that allows to exchange them with legal tender money, an option that is not yet possible with banking institutions.

TRX holders now can execute the transactions at the same speeds along with TRX payment security and even trade at merchants which don’t support it. The Bitsa card, however, is not associated with any bank account, while users can request a contactless physical or virtual card that is governed under the Bitsa app.

The cardholders can also execute transactions via legit tender cash and pay at stores that accept Visa. Users can reap the advantage of transferring payments instantly to other accounts as well as Bitsa users.

Account-holders can top up the card with the sum from cryptocurrencies, bank transfers, or even vouchers available in physical partner stores. The firm accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ripple, Lumens, Zcash, Stellar, Ethereum, Dai & TRON. During the payment execution at the merchant terminal, the transaction is secured by Visa, while Bitsa transforms the cryptocurrency to legitimate fiat currency thereafter transfers the money to merchant fostering better and unified payments.

The firm also enables the users to do SEPA transfers, which facilitate any kind of payments to financial organizations in the European Market Expanse instantly and safely.

Due to the card being prepaid, it has lower transaction fees without any traditional debit or credit card restrictions. Bitsa even has a solution to the issue of carrying multiple cards for money from different sources. The money can be filled into the Bitsa card and can be used at places that accept traditional card payments.

The primary advantage of Bitsa technology is its ability to bring a cryptocurrency transaction as mainstream by letting users carry out transactions via their crypto holdings even in the absence of supported cryptocurrency at the merchant site.


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