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Black Banx and Monzo both Eye US Expansion

Black Banx and Monzo both eye US expansion

Black Banx and Monzo, two major participants in the fintech landscape, are prepared to establish themselves in the US market.

The US market is where Toronto-based Black Banx has focused much of its attention as a result of the current economic development. Gastauer is in talks to buy a federal bank in California for Black Banx, which has its goals set on growing in the North American market.

Black Banx’s impressive growth in just the first nine months of the year has demonstrated its ability to continue its rapid expansion into new areas like the US. The first nine months of 2023 saw Black Banx create US$ 1.5 billion in revenue and 33 million retail consumers, which resulted in a profit before tax of USD 158 million, marking the company’s highest profit and revenue since its founding.

Now, Black Banx is targeting 38 million customers by the end of the year and presently welcomes over 1.8 million new customers each month. Already operating in 180 nations, the bank wants to break into the US market through competition analysis and the development of strategic objectives.

Following the analysis, Black Banx plans to establish its operations in the US by focusing on a few test markets – chosen considering factors such as growth potential, needs of US consumers in terms of finance, the regulatory landscape, and demographics. 

Existing major digital banks in the US such as Chime, Axos Bank, and Varo will be under pressure as a result of Black Banx’s debut in the US banking industry. This competition will lead to better services and lower prices for American consumers.

Meanwhile, under the direction of its new CEO Conor Walsh, a former executive at Cash App and Verse, the UK neobank Monzo is currently undertaking a second attempt to expand into the US.

It can be recalled that plans for Monzo’s US launch were initially initiated in 2019 under the direction of TS Anil, the company’s current global CEO. Then-US CEO Carol Nelson left the company after its application for a US banking charter was rejected a year prior.

According to data from InvestingPro, Monzo has fewer obligations than cash on its balance sheet, which could be a benefit for its intentions to expand in the US. However, it’s also crucial to take into account that the bank has more short-term obligations than liquid assets – this might provide a problem for Monzo as it manages its expansion.

In terms of strategy, Monzo will collaborate with an existing US bank to provide its offerings domestically rather than reapplying for a banking license. In this case, it will carry out a US expansion without a license.

As both Black Banx and Monzo eye US expansion, it is apparent that the initial’s plan to enter the US market has been carefully planned out and is adaptable. Black Banx’s strategy for market expansion in the US is marked by a commitment to securing a solid foothold. 

Black Banx’s US market strategy highlights digital banking. Given the rapid growth of mobile banking, the company wants to attract consumers in the US by offering a seamless digital experience. 

Also, one of the key facets of financial services in the US that Black Banx hopes to significantly enhance with further entry into the domestic market is the facilitation of international money transfers. Established banks, especially traditional ones, simply cannot accomplish this in real-time with minimal fees—but online banking services like Black Banx can.

Exhibiting its diversified customer focus, Black Banx also exhibits a unique perspective on cryptocurrencies. The US government’s surge of legal actions against crypto companies is starting to reshape the domestic market. Black Banx, which has been accepting cryptocurrency deposits since 2016, is not avoiding the current crypto challenges in the US.

As Black Banx eyes expansion in the US, it remains open and progressive in addressing the needs of consumers using cryptocurrencies. In fact, crypto users in the US can now choose USDT apart from BTC (Bitcoin) and ETH (Ethereum). They have options like Tron/TRC20, Solana, and Lightning Network for speedy USDT settlements and instant BTC transfers.

According to German billionaire and Black Banx CEO Michael Gastauer, working with cryptocurrency is part of their commitment to innovation in order to meet customers’ increasing financial needs.

“In order for us to best help customers fulfill their hopes and realize their ambitions and help businesses to thrive and, overall contribute to the prosperity of any economy, we must be able to offer as many transaction and currency options as possible,” Gastauer said.

A critical turning point in the world of banking has been reached with the anticipated entry of Black Banx and Monzo into the US. But with Black Banx’s multi-pronged approach in entering the US market, it goes to show how committed Black Banx is to providing the American market with cutting-edge, client-centered banking solutions.

This only means that with its impressive accomplishments and its progressive outlook in its expansion plans, Black Banx is truly a frontrunner in entering the US market to deliver its personalised financial offerings.

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