Blood Moon LIVE stream: How to watch the Super Blood Moon online

The Americas, parts of Asia and Australasia and the Pacific Islands will be treated to a rare Blood Moon in the coming hours. Europe, the UK and Africa will not get a chance to see the phenomenon in person, but you will still be able to check it out via the wonders of the internet.

How to see the lunar eclipse and the resulting Blood Moon?

The lunar eclipse will begin at 11.52am BST.

Almost half an hour later at 12.20am, the Moon will be fully eclipsed by Earth’s shadow.

A couple of minutes after that, the Moon will begin to emerge from the shadows and this is when the Blood Moon will become visible.

The change in colour happens because the light from the Sun is being bent when it passes through the Earth’s atmosphere.

This bizarre effect is known as ‘Rayleigh scattering’, which filters out bands of green and violet light in the atmosphere during an eclipse leaving just a red glow.

The Virtual Telescope Project will be hosting a live stream of the event.

The showing kicks off at 11am BST on the Virtual Telescope Project’s website.

In it, several astronomers will be joining to guide viewers through the show.

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This occurs when the Moon appears slightly bigger than normal.

On average, the Moon is 238,000 miles from Earth, but during a Supermoon the can be 221,000 miles away from our planet.

This is because the Moon’s orbit is not a perfect circle and is actually slightly oval.

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