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BoB says 65% customers opted for moratorium

Mumbai: About 65% of Bank of Baroda (BoB) customers have opted to take the moratorium offered by the bank following a Reserve Bank of India (RBI) directive, CEO Sanjiv Chadha said in a conference call with journalists.

“We have offered the moratorium to all borrowers and those who don’t want it have to opt out. So those who are not paying are automatically considered for the scheme. Our calculations show that about 65% of borrowers have opted for it,” Chadha said.

BoB’s numbers are higher than some peer banks like State Bank of India (SBI) which had said that only 20% of its borrowers had opted for the moratorium. Chadha however said he expects the nunbers to come down. “We expect that number to come down as the lockdown eases and cash flows improve,” Chadha said.

Some customers will come back and choose to pay off loans as the moratorium could mean higher compounded interest payments in the future.

Chadha however has refused to give a blanket moratorium for NBFCs saying that the bank like many of its large peers will look at that sector on a case to case basis.

“Even if we give them moratorium it just makes about 5 to 7% of payments for some of these entities. They also have other means to raise funds like targeted long term repos. Some of them have build up their liquidity profiles post IL&FS. We will engage with them on a case to case basis and see how best we can help them,” Chadha said.

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BoB estimates that it can offer about Rs 12,000 crore of loans to micro small and medium enterprises under the Rs 3 lakh crore goverment guarantee scheme which is 20% of its Rs 60,000 crore exposure to this sector.

The bank has seen a 50% rise in loan sanctions since March including emergency loans given due to the Covid 19 outbreak. Total amount disbursed under the Covid 19 scheme is at Rs 1500 crore, Chadha said.


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