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Body leasing vs. dedicated team – here’s why you should forget about the first one

Body leasing vs. dedicated team

The growing demand for skilled IT professionals has made it challenging for organizations to hire qualified employees. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small business or large corporation – access to skilled IT staff is more difficult than ever. 

In such situations, instead of hiring employees full-time it might be more convenient to use services such as body leasing or dedicated teams outsourcing. IT outsourcing comes with its risks, but these can be mitigated if you choose the right form of cooperation with your tech partner. 

Here is everything you need to know about body leasing and dedicated team models – and why the latter will work to your advantage.

What is body leasing?

Body leasing is a periodical hire of professionals that are skilled in different areas of software development. Organizations use that model to streamline project management and reduce implementation costs. By turning to body leasing, you will be getting the services of individual development teams for implementing your IT project. This solution works best for companies that are experienced in software development, know exactly what they want to achieve and need support in filling specific skill gaps.

What about the dedicated teams model?

In dedicated teams, organizations can request an entire, experienced team to work on a project without having to invest any time in recruitment, onboarding, or project management. The difference between body leasing and dedicated teams is that in this case, we don’t have a single person holding a skill set but rather a team working on its own to get things done for the client. You don’t need any knowledge regarding software development because the team you hire has all the expertise you need and can deliver the results you want.

Here’s why the dedicated team model works to your advantage

1. Simpler formalities

Hiring a dedicated team is simple from the formal point of view. An outsourcing team will provide you with all the skills required for implementing your project. Most of the time, you will only be communicating with a manager in the outsourcing company to discuss the details and make sure that you get the right team of professionals. 

Moreover, you will be saving on all the formalities involved in recruiting new members. You will also be saving on workplace and office expenses, as well as other costs that come as part of training and introduction to the company policy.

2. Shorter recruitment time

Recruitment generates significant expenses and takes a lot of time. When gathering a team on your own, you will need to consider the many different candidates, look at their skills, experience, and the general role in your project. You can only imagine how challenging it is to put together a team that fits the project by 100%. 

In the fast-paced, competitive environment of software development, it’s easy to lose talents who pursue many different opportunities – you need to be quick, and that in itself is very difficult.

3. Building teams is faster and cheaper

Gathering a team is a hard nut to crack, but building a team is even harder. Once you get all the professionals with skill sets you need on board, there’s still one task left to do: make a team out of them. 

The benefit of hiring a dedicated team is that this is exactly what you’re hiring: a team. It’s a group of professionals who have all the skills you need and who are experienced in working together. They know their strengths and weaknesses. They have processes in place that make their work even more efficient and take advantage of project management tools that reduce the friction between in-house and outsources teams.

4. Dedicated teams are flexible

The level of a team’s proficiency and experience is one of the most significant factors that make the dedicated team model so popular. When hiring a dedicated team, you can be sure that you get all the expertise you need. Moreover, you will be able to adjust the skill sets of your team by engaging or dismissing professionals on the basis of previously agreed terms. 

Hiring a dedicated team allows starting a project without any delays, and, following completion, the team can be reduced to maintain and upgrade the code as necessary. Organizations that expect large-scale deployments can re-expand the outsourcing team again and have new specialists working on the project. Project estimations are easy to make during such cooperations. That type of flexibility makes dedicated teams very efficient. 

The dedicated team model is an excellent choice if you’re looking for long-term, reliable cooperation. Dedicated teams come in handy to companies that want to cut expenses by using dedicated developers in their projects. By choosing the dedicated team model, you will be presented with a team of highly skilled specialists who meet the requirements of your project and allow you to accomplish your objectives.

Do you have any questions about how dedicated teams can help you achieve your business goals? Reach out to us in the comments; we help organizations find the best IT teams for their projects.

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