Boldon James Ltd. And Deep Secure Form Technology Alliance To Enable Secure, Efficient Delivery Of Data Across Multiple Sectors – SecurityInformed

Boldon James Ltd, a globally renowned technology solutions company providing data classification and military messaging solutions that enable customers to effectively protect data, enforce controls and manage data distribution, has announced that it has partnered with Deep Secure, a renowned UK cyber security firm, delivering malware-free, policy enforced data to protect against cyber-attacks and data non-compliances.

This new strategic alliance will deliver protective governance and safe information exchange in any organization’s messaging and content environment.

Technology alliance

The new partnership aims to utilize Boldon James Ltd’s best-of-breed data protection and governance solutions, which will be augmented with Deep Secure’s Threat Removal and Policy Enforcement solutions to present clean data at the application layer, in addition to deep content inspection policy enforcement, applying configurable content policies to pass, block, quarantine or modify content in email.

The combined solution enables protectively marked data to have added domain boundary checks on metadata and labeling in messages and attachments. Additionally, it provides dominance checks on over-classification as well as forty-nine different inspections across every piece of content.

Enhancing data security

We are excited to partner with Deep Secure to bring innovative, ground-breaking technology solutions”

We are excited to partner with Deep Secure to bring innovative, ground-breaking technology solutions to our enterprise and commercial customers,” said Keith Vallance, Head of Product at Boldon James.

Keith adds, “Deep Secure policy enforcement and threat removal solutions will complement our strategic focus to deliver advanced data classification and will further enhance our position in both military and government messaging domains and commercial data classification. Our joint efforts with Deep Secure will enable us to pioneer the future of data classification.

Data governance and data loss prevention

The partnership will see organizations benefit from a complete messaging solution that provides protective governance around data throughout its lifecycle, further enhancing implemented tools, such as data loss prevention (DLP), data discovery and data governance.

This partnership will allow us to expand our addressable markets by providing customers with integrated solutions that increase the efficiency of their IT infrastructure and security,” said Daniel Turner, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Deep Secure, adding “We’ll aim to work closely with Boldon James to address solutions that deliver material benefits for our enterprise and commercial customers.


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