Boost, not the secret of Gandhi's energy

People down the ages have not just been in awe of energetic people, but they have also been curious about how they are so full of vim and vigour. In the 1980s, Kapil Dev looked out of Doordarshan screens to tell the world that Boost, ‘s malt-based health drink, ‘is the secret of my energy’.

Soon, Sachin Tendulkar would join Kapil, with the tagline now stating that Boost was the secret of their energy. Virender Sehwag, M S Dhoni and Virat Kohli would follow as endorsers. But it is the first time in the history of energetic people that someone outside the sporting world is sharing the secret of his energy. Not to the boys at the Enforcement Directorate (ED) but to his own fellow political party workers.

Rahul Gandhi told Congress workers on Wednesday that ED officials interrogating him for 10-11 hours were apparently amazed at his energy level, and wanted to know, how on earth did he manage – that, too, without being PM material, yet. Gandhi reportedly told the gathering that he lied to the ED chaps saying it was vipassana, the form of mind-training that gave him energy. But, actually, the secret of his energy was not being alone in the room but by having ‘each and every Congress leader… there with me’. Which suggests Boost is the favoured Congress drink. Not the best endorsement for an energy drink, though, these days.


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