‘Boston Dynamics’ robot fights back against humans in viral video

You can only push the robots around for so long (@Corridor/Youtube)

What would happen if those advanced robots made by Boston Dynamics actually decided to fight back?

It could look something like the parody video that went viral over the weekend.

At first glance the video, which was posted online by Corridor Digital, looks like it could be real footage shot by Boston Dynamics. It shows a couple of engineers experimenting with a bipedal robot.

They test balance and co-ordination by throwing things at the robot and hitting it with hockey sticks.

Pretty soon, the robot has had enough and things take a turn for the worse. After which it could be an advert for what happens when the robots do decide to take over.

The video has accumulated over four and a half million views on YouTube since being uploaded.

It was created with green screen and CGI and, just in case anyone thought it was real, has a behind the scenes segment at the end.

The real Boston Dynamics currently has different bypedal and four-legged robots under production in the US.


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