Branding Edge promoter enters data research consultancy business, launches Ground Zero

Brand consultancy and advisory firm Branding Edge promoter Rahul Tekwani has entered the data research sector with the launch of Ground Zero Consulting.

Ground Zero will conduct on-the-ground data research and use ideas from social psychology and behavioural economics to curate strategies.

It will help businesses improve their marketing effectiveness by leveraging consumer insights, Tekwani told ET.

Stressing on the importance of on-ground research in the digital age, Tekwani said that the company would assist clients in better understanding how consumers think, feel, and behave, allowing them to create more influential campaigns and solutions.

“The biggest advantages to be realised in business and society today should be grounded in a mix of data, technology, creativity, and consumer psychology,” Tekwani said. “Ground Zero will investigate demographics and what people say, as well as the inner workings of how individuals see a certain issue and the type of identity they are forming.”

He said the aim was to target the correct demographic for its customers, better understand their job, and then assist companies in achieving better results by developing more effective ways of communicating with consumers.

This is Tekwani’s third business venture within the last two years.

His first, Branding Edge Strategic Communications and Advisory, focuses on developing a brand and reputation programme that is aimed at enhancing the long-term enterprise value of the clients.

“Data is the new deal breaker in today’s communication landscape,” he added. “Collecting and analysing first-hand data will help us to uncover previously unknown chances for our clients’ engagement, as well as diagnose, validate, and select some audience-centric communication strategies for our clients.” Ground Zero will be managed by top professionals from India’s leading research firms, and it will have in-house brand and reputation strategy verticals.

Headquartered in Mumbai, Ground Zero will operate throughout India and has plans to open offices in other major cities as well.


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