Brandon mother locked out of Facebook twice

BRANDON, Fla. (WFLA) – Katrina Tillbrook uses Facebook to connect with friends and to store about 10 years worth of family photos.

“I have photos of my daughter through the years on there,” Tillbrook said. “I don’t have all of those photos backed up somewhere else.”

Tillbrook was stunned last month when she tried to log onto Facebook and was locked out. A message popped up that someone reported “suspicious activity” on her account. 

“I don’t believe I have violated any terms or conditions or rules or regulations,” Tillbrook said. 

She says she went through the online process to report the problem to Facebook but couldn’t get through to anyone. 

“It is so frustrating that you can only email and you have no idea if your emails are going anywhere.”

She tried to fix the problem on her own.

“I even went as far as thinking that maybe my computer had a virus on [it] so I went and paid to get top-notch security through Geek Squad,” she said.

Then, as mysteriously as it happened, Tillbrook was back on Facebook, but it didn’t last. 

“I got it back for about 24 hours, if that, and it locked me out again,” Tillbrook said. 

So Tillbrook knew she’d Better Call Behnken.

Shannon Behnken reached out to Facebook and sent a link to Tillbrook’s account and then, like that, she was back on.

But she still wants answers and wonders if this will happen again. 


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