BRIGHTON could become the latest council to ban cars from driving through its city centre.

The radical plan aims to cut air pollution, reduce traffic and help the sea-side destination become carbon-neutral.

 Private vehicles could be banned in Brighton to help cut air pollution


Private vehicles could be banned in Brighton to help cut air pollutionCredit: Alamy

Private vehicles would be prohibited from entering Brighton’s city centre in a bid to help achieve the nationwide zero emissions goal by 2050.

According to the proposal by councillor Amy Heley, “The climate emergency, the environmental and public health crisis caused by air pollution, and dangerous roads can and must be tackled by drastically reducing private car use in the city centre.”

Recent figures reveal that up to 54 people living in Brighton die early each year from the effects of nitrogen dioxide, which is emitted by cars.

Blue Badge permit holders would be exempt from the proposed ban.

 The council will vote on the proposal tonight


The council will vote on the proposal tonightCredit: Alamy

Residents have been divided on the plans, with some saying it would help relieve health problems for many locals.

While others argued that it would have a significant impact on trading and may force businesses to close.

Brighton and Hove Council will vote on the plan tonight.

The council aren’t the only local officials who are actively trying to lower their carbon footprint, with Birmingham councillors proposing a similar ban for its city centre last week.

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Vehicles would still be able to drive into the city, but would have to go back out using the surrounding ring road to access other areas.

The council are also considering introducing a 20mph speed limit in residential streets and using the city’s tunnels for public transport.

York councillors recently backed a motion to ban private car journeys in the city centre, while Bristol City Council voted to ban all diesel vehicles from a central area between 7am and 3pm.

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