Bringing Mobile High Valued LED Large Screen Technology at a Low Cost to Spokane Washington – Communal News

Spokane Washington is a great place to live. Known for housing the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture, people flock to it and it is number 41 on Liabilities Top 100 places to live. Now it can be greater than ever, with mobile LED rentals available for any local fairs, festivals, concerts, events and parties.

LED Trailers is more than just a rental company. We are the pacific Northwest leaders in growing your revenue through LED Technology.

Mobile LED technology is a low cost way to bring the glory and grandstanding of the jumbo-tron to any event. Mobile jumbo-trons like the ones LED Trailers offers are a staple for a great performance. With everything on the table from live video streaming to running full color picture and video ads that will drive sponsors to your door, LED Trailers has a lot to offer.

Widely known as the Northwest’s top experts in driving revenues through mobile LED technology, LED Trailers is more than just a rental company. Their top experts in the field can assist in planning placement, and location to increase viewing and revenues. For example, did you know that placing a mobile led screen with a live stream of a concert next to the food and alcohol booths can increase your food and alcohol sales?

LED Trailers brings years of business, advertising, marketing and tech experience to the table. Just a simple phone call, and they go straight to work helping bring your ideas come to life. Their screens are purposefully designed to be easy to use and relatively plug and play! (Once they are set up that is) This makes it incredibly easy for anyone to learn how to use, and easily manage the system onsite. But if you want an expert on site running the show for you, who knows the systems inside and out, they can provide that too!!!

LED Trailers helped a Northwest client bring in $1 million in sponsors. Can we help you?

One of the wonderful programs that LED Trailers offers is a joint sponsor revenue program. Rather than renting a screen outright, for only $100 you can reserve a screen for exclusive use by your sponsors. We have a set pricing program determined by the yearly attendance of your event, and split the income 50/50 with your event. This is a really great low cost way to try out using mobile LED tech for sponsor revenues, without having to risk a lot of money.

LED technology isn’t just a great way to bring in sponsor revenue, its also a great way to add character and fun to any sized event. Whether you are having a backyard Superbowl party, a country music concert, a county fair, or a fortnight competition, Our Mobile LED screens bring excitement and awe. This will increase your customers, and their loyalty to your event, and really help you stand out from the crowd.

So next time you are putting an event together in or around Spokane Washington, give us a call here at LED-Trailers, or hop online to and drop us a line. Our team of LED and advertising experts will put together a custom package for you, and show you how great an LED-Trailers experience can really be!!!


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